A whole new Level of 3D Printing with 5-Axis Machine – interview with Maria and Johannes Lutz

A whole new Level of 3D Printing with 5-Axis Machine – interview with Maria and Johannes Lutz

Through our cooperation with worldwide distributors of VSHAPER 3D Printing solutions we learn about the specificity of markets where those solutions are offered. Companies partnering up with VSHAPER are provided with product training as well as substantive and marketing support in every stage of their distribution process. During a training cycle prepared for German distributor from 3D Industrie GmbH, Agnieszka Kielar – Content Manager from VSHAPER, had a chance to talk to Maria and Johannes Lutz about 3D Printing market in Germany.

Maria, there are not many women in Additive Manufacturing industry, has it been difficult for you to get into that male-dominated world?

Yes it is true, there are not many women in the additive manufacturing industry. But for me it was not difficult, because I just did it. I feel that I am a part of a great team, it is very important for me that we all work together. I truly enjoy every day of my work. The fact that I can be creative, with the printers, the team and the costumers gives me great pleasure.

Not so long ago 3D Printing technology has been perceived as a novelty, now it is believed it will revolutionize the industrial world. Would you say that it is already changing the face of German industry?

Yes it is changing, 3D Printing is a very young technology, it is 30 years old. A lot of successful companies in Germany have been using 3D Printing for a long time, which in turn makes the technology more accessible and productive.

According to a study by auditing and consulting company Ernst & Young, German companies are world leaders in the use of 3D Printers. So I guess there’s a huge demand for the technology. Do the German companies prefer to invest in their own 3D Printers o just order 3D Printing services?

We read the study and they are right. I think the best way to do it is to start with a service provider to look into the technology, to trust in it, the second step would be to invest in your own printer. But it is very important to ask yourself a question: ”What does it cost, when you do not invest in a 3D Printer?”.

During your extensive product training you’ve had the chance to see the VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine. What do you think of it?

Yes, we saw it at the training, great printers, thank you for that opportunity. The 5- Axis Machine is a whole new level of 3D Printing. It is not regular 3D Printing layer by layer, it is more about printing a complete solution for your application. And this is a direction, that you need.

The VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine is believed to transform the way people think about 3D Printing. Do you agree with that?

Yes, I think, when you use a new technology, you have to change the way of thinking and you begin to identify the problem and then you use a tool like 3D Printing or the 5-Achs Machine to solve the problem, to come up with a solution.

There is a wide range of 3D Printers producers in Germany, why did you decide to go for VSHAPER?

The German customers need a solution for they industrial problems and the best way to fix them is a complete system. For me a complete systems is made up of 3 elements: the machine, the material and the software. All these three elements work well together in VSHAPER. And I should also mention the fourth element, it the VSHAPER team. It’s young, very dynamic, innovative with a lot of ‘know how’. And the best result you see is the 5-Axis Machine. And since the beginning, the entire VSHAPER team has been very friendly and cooperative.

I suppose you already have plans for the promotion of VSHAPER brand. Can you tell me about them?

We have good news for all 3D Printers users and people who want to begin their adventure with 3D Printing, we are the German partner of VSHAPER on the German market. And if you are interested in the VSHAPER products you can call us, email us, watch our videos presenting the technology and the functions of the machines. We have the knowledge and the right mindset. You are also welcome to visit our showroom to take a closer look at the 3D Printing machines that we offer.