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Strong 3D printing filament – PEEK GF

What is the PEEK GF material?

PEEK with glass fibre is the latest material in the VSHAPER portfolio, a high-performance composite material with thermoplastic properties. It is a reinforced PEEK with 15 per cent glass fibre fill, harder than pure PEEK. Its mechanical properties, such as bending or tensile strength, are several tens of per cent higher than pure PEEK. PEEK GF FILSHAPER is a material that is suitable for high-load applications.

Properties of PEEK with glass fibre

PEEK GF is a filament characterised by high strength and stiffness due to its glass fibre doping. This allows it to be used in demanding conditions. In addition, the material has excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for use even in very aggressive chemical environments. High temperature resistance, higher than standard PEEK (up to 300 degrees). PEEK GF retains its shape and size even when the temperature changes, as the thermal expansion value is low.

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Key advantages of PEEK GF FILSHAPER:

  • Highly resistant to high-temperature work – more so than pure PEEK
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, even to solvents
  • Rigid, high bending and tensile strength
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Low moisture absorption

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PEEK with glass fibre has a wide range of applications in various industries. Above all, in areas where high strength, stiffness and chemical and temperature resistance are required. The material is also corrosion resistant.
Explore examples of the use of PEEK with glass fibre:

  • Electronics industry – electronic housings and covers
  • Medical industry – production of implants and surgical instruments, handles for surgical instruments
  • Aerospace – components for hydraulic, electrical, mechanical systems
  • Automotive industry – engine parts, timing covers, gears, seals, line maintenance, bearings
  • Oil and gas industry – drills, pumps, valves, seals (parts in contact with oil)
  • Food industry – rotors, centrifuges

What is the preparation of PEEK GF FILSHAPER?

The preparation of PEEK with glass fibre is similar to that of PEEK or PEEK CF. Before printing, drying of the filament is required within a certain time period specified by the manufacturer. In the case of PEEK GF FILSHAPER, this is a temperature of 110-120 ˚C for approximately 12-24 hours. Before first use, it is recommended to dry for at least 24 hours.


What price PEEK GF filament

PEEK with glass fibre will have a higher price than PEEK CF or PEEK. This is due to the way it is produced. Write for more information.

The best 3D printer for PEEK GF

The best 3D printer for peek GF filament, is the VSHAPER 500 PRO or 270 PRO machine. Thanks to its design, it will provide ideal layer adhesion and excellent dimensional tolerance. Its specialised head heats the material to the right temperature and maintains the right temperature inside the chamber and on the table.

Meet the 500 PRO printer!

Keep in mind that if you have a VSHAPER printer and SOFTSHAPER software, you will receive a profile of the new filament with print settings that you adapt to your project. This allows you to print efficiently and accurately straight away, without wasting time on trial prints on your machine.


3D printing specialist VSHAPER has prepared prints from PEEK GF filament. See if this material and 3D printing will work for your business? You don’t have to buy a printer right away, order prints by sending a ready project to us, you will receive a quote and information about costs and time of print preparation.

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