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Our professional 3D printers are used in many industries for rapid prototyping, small lot production, rapid tooling and much more!

Additive manufacturing is a process that requires a refined CAD design, selection of the appropriate technology, appropriate materials and, above all, the machine. Industrial 3D printers in our portfolio differ in functionality and parameters, but they have a common denominator - each model has patented solutions that enable the processing of high-quality filaments. The starting point is also the design of the devices that guarantees the reliability of continuous operation and the longevity of components made of the highest quality components.

We perfectly know the challenges facing modern industry. The combination of experience and innovation allows us to look into the future with courage and shape the surrounding world together with our partners.

The precision with which the prints are made, proven in various industries and the recommendations of manufacturers from around the world, give us the conviction that the devices we create will meet the expectations of our customers.

VSHAPER Printers enable us to retain flexibility and resistance...

Grzegorz Stępień

R&D Technologist - BORG Automotive


Problems with the adhesion of the model to the build plate and with various printing defects are effectively eliminated by modern 3D printing systems.


The integrated system of solutions for 3D printing allows customers to be sure of the expected results with each print.


Opening the company to the dynamic development of 3D printing allows you to expect more and more effective methods of production, and thus - reduction of production time and costs.


We provide professional customer support and an individual approach, so that you will not feel confused at any stage of cooperation.



Industry FIVE AXIS pforessional 3D printer
5-axis 3D printing High temperature materials processing Multifeeder Automatic printing head change
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Turn your Ideas into Physical Objects.


VSHAPER PRO 3D printers for industry

Industrial 3D devices have been designed to print precise and mechanically, thermally and chemically functional prototypes and final products.



Industry VSHAPER 270 PRO 3D printer for professional use
Workspace 250x250x175mm 420°C - 3D printing temperature Actively heated chamber Heated, vacuum bed
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Industry VSHAPER 500 PRO professional 3D printer
Workspace 420x420x420mm 450°C printing temperature Actively heated chamber Heated, vacuum bed
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VSHAPER MED 3D printers for medicine

Efficient specialized devices in the segment of medical 3D printers. Solutions that meet the expectations of the modern world of medicine.



Industry VSHAPER 270 MED medical 3D printer
Workspace 250x250x175 mm 420°C - 3D printing temperature Actively heated chamber Heated, vacuum bed
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Industry VSHAPER 500 MED medical 3D printer
Workspace 420x420x420 mm 450°C printing temperature Closed chamber Heated, vacuum bed
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3D printers

Vshaper offers a wide range of modern and advanced 3D printing equipment. 3D printers provide an innovative technological solution for creating three-dimensional objects using a variety of filaments, such as PEEK, ABS, PETG, PACF, PAGF, PEEK CF, PEEK GF and others. Thanks to their versatility, 3D printers have found applications in a wide range of industries, including medicine, industry, architecture, education and many others.
The construction of Vshaper 3D printers is based on state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions, which allow precise printing of even the most complex structures. The high quality of workmanship and accuracy of details make Vshaper 3D printers popular among demanding customers. One important factor that influences the choice is the price of the 3D printer. Vshaper 3D printers offer attractive pricing solutions.

Types of VSHAPER's 3D printers

Vshaper offers 5 types of 3D printers, all using FDM technology. Closed-cell devices that allow printing under controlled conditions, including with high-temperature filaments. 3D printers offered by VSHAPER include the 500 PRO and 500 MED models, the 270 PRO, 270 MED and a 5-axis printer. Thanks to the variety of models, each user can find the right device for their needs and expectations, for scientific and medical applications. The application of Vshaper 3D printers is very wide. They are used for prototyping, small batch printing, production of medical components, industrial robotization, on production lines and for creating architectural models.

3D printing technology

In 3D printing technology, Vshaper printers stand out for their build quality and reliable operation. Innovative technological solutions used in these devices make the printing process fast and efficient, and the resulting prints are characterized by high quality and durability. Thanks to the variety of applications and technological possibilities, VSHAPER 3D printers are an indispensable tool in many fields of industry and medicine.


Enhance the innovation of your venture by implementing 3D printing technology

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