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PEEK CF with carbon fibre is one of the best filaments for FDM 3D printing. It is a combination of the characteristics of PEEK filament and carbon fibre, which increase the mechanical properties of the material - impact strength, tensile strength and bending strength by up to 20%.

High mechanical strength

Tensile, bending and creep resistance

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Increased impact and creep resistance

Dimensional stability

Flame retardant material

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Filament type


PEEK CF filament is a high-performance material used in 3D printing. PEEK doped with 15% carbon fibre for increased strength. Excellent mechanical resistance, higher tensile strength than PEEK by approximately 20 % and higher density of the filament by 5 %.

PEEK doped with carbon fibre is a flame-retardant material and allows for precision prints. The material is more flexible than PEEK, but at the same time has improved impact strength, tensile strength and bending strength. The material is dimensionally stable and has high rigidity. It is resistant to thermal deformation, so that it does not change its size or properties when changing temperature.

Additional information on PEEK with carbon fibre

The carbon fibre-doped filament (PEEK CF FILSHAPER) is resistant to creep, i.e. to a slow change in shape due to constant but long-term loading. PEEK CF is used in structures, sometimes replacing metal components. In addition, moisture absorption and water uptake is lower than for PEEK under the same conditions. It is ideal for printing components in demanding industries (aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, space technology).

Recommended printers for printing with PEEK CF filament



A compact system of advanced 3D printing, designed for users who expect fast results while maintaining industrial standards.

Workspace 420x420x420mm

450°C printing temperature

Actively heated chamber

Heated, vacuum bed

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5-axis 3D printing

High temperature materials processing


Automatic printing head change

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