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3D Printing in medicine

Manufacturing personalized parts with 3D printing is a breakthrough in medicine

Every human and animal has an individual body structure. Making surgical aids and implants by hand has always been very expensive and time consuming. Thanks to advances in 3D scanning and printing technology, it is now much easier, more accurate and less expensive to make customized surgical gauges and implants inserted directly into the patient's body.

3D Printing for medical purposes:

Customers, who benefits from VSHAPER 3D Printing solutions

3D Printers recommended for medicine



An efficient specialized device in the segment of medical 3D printers is a response to the growing demand of the modern medical sector.

Workspace 250x250x175 mm

420°C - 3D printing temperature

Actively heated chamber

Heated, vacuum bed

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Industry VSHAPER 270 MED medical 3D printer


The additive manufacturing technology, combining surgical precision with the reliability and speed of the printing process, perfectly meets the expectations of the world of medicine.

Workspace 420x420x420 mm

450°C printing temperature

Closed chamber

Heated, vacuum bed

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Industry VSHAPER 500 MED medical 3D printer


Five-axis 3D printing is a definite way forward for the industry. Check out our solution that is changing the perspective on 3D printing possibilities!

5-axis 3D printing

High temperature materials processing


Automatic printing head change

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Industry FIVE AXIS pforessional 3D printer

Medicine is evolving with the advancement of additive manufacturing technology.



3D printing means innovation in chirurgy

3D printing with thermoplastic materials enables the manufacturing of correctly projected implant of an injured bone part, which thanks to certified, biocompatible materials are organism neutral. These materials show no possibilities for ion release, which leads to metallosis.

Additionally, biocompatible thermoplastic materials, used for damaged bone parts printing, show temperature stability among changeable conditions of the body environment. That is why it does not cause such kind of inconvenience to the recipient.

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3D printing innovation in chirurgy



Precise visualisation with 3D Printing

In the fields such as surgery, cardiology or transplantation – spatial visualisation of a scanned organ or its piece, precedes the real surgery,which helps the surgeons precisely prepare for technically complicated treatments.

Similar Prints help doctors in a deeper understanding of the structure of the organ, figure out the location of the tumor or the distribution of blood vessels. Thanks to that procedure, the real surgery may proceed much faster and in a safer way.

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3D printing in medicine photo



Efficient support in the rehabilitation field

3D Printing is a perfect solution for the specifics of the medical industry. The range of applications in the orthopedic and prosthetic sector is developing more and more to design personalized, precisely fitted orthoses, prostheses and orthopedic corsets.

Thermoplastic Printing Technology allows the creation of parts with sections such as internal cavities and lattice structures that help reduce the weight of the elements without compromising their mechanical performance.

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3D printed protheses



Advanced medical care

Health care is not only surgery rooms but also patient care in hospital beds, automatic procedures, and supporting devices.

3D Printing gives the possibility of reconstruction of machine parts damaged as a result of its use, where servicing is time-consuming and sometimes even impossible.

3D printers that are able to print with many materials during one printing process allow the production of parts with different properties within one structure.

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3D printed complex elements

We provide 3D Printing systems for medicine

Research shows that during additive manufacturing

on average


less material needed to produce a single part

on average


lower production cost

on average


part weight and project implementation time are reduced

complex 3D printed models

Enhance the innovation of your venture by implementing 3D printing technology

Define business requirements and let us prepare an offer best suited to your needs.

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three matching 3D printed elements

VSHAPER meets high accuracy standards assuring the precise prototype dimensions.

VSHAPER solutions guarantee precise printing of individual elements that together form a functional mechanism. The precise 3d printout with given parameters requires mastered wisdom about FDM technology key aspects. Innovative VSHAPER solutions guarantee efficient control of settings of printing conditions and investigation of printed filament dynamics. The ability of precise 3d printing of individual elements of different […]

3d printer in production company

3D printing technology supports Fakro development.

The Fakro company which is present on polish and global markets, the worldwide leader in skylights and attic stairs production, joins to the list of VSHAPER  users – the producer of industrial 3D printers. In 2019 Fakro’s Development and Research department engineers decided to enrich their machinery park with a new industrial 3D printer. .

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