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Comparison of the 500 PRO and 500 MED 3D printers

3D printers are revolutionary devices that are changing our approach to production and creation in a variety of industries. This article will compare two models of the flagship VSHAPER 500 PRO and 500 MED printers. It will help you make an informed choice and find the 3D printer that best suits your needs.


Application of the VSHAPER 500 PRO printer

500 PRO printer will find application in many fields thanks to the advanced technologies used, printing temperature of over 400 degrees and large working space. It is dedicated to the production industry, creating prototypes, models, production elements. Thanks to the high printing temperature, it is possible to print from a variety of materials including PEEK, PEEK CF, PA, TPU. It is also used by customers in the aerospace, automotive, architecture or scientific research industries.

Application of the VSHAPER 500 MED printer

The 500 MED is also suitable for medical prints. Above all, it is constructed from acid-resistant steel and sterilisation using UV light is possible. These are necessary procedures especially when using the printer in medicine or dentistry. It is used to produce prosthetic components, anatomical models, implants and surgical instruments. Thanks to its ability to print from different materials, the printer can adapt to specific medical requirements. The most commonly used material in the 500 MED printer is PEEK.


Common features of the 3D printers

  • Print zone: 420x420x420 mm – allows printing in small batch production or printing of larger models with industrial, medical applications
  • Materials: PEEK, PEEK CF, PEEK GF, ABS-S21, ASA, PC-ABS,PA12, PA-CF, PA-GF, PC, TPU, HIPS, FS-11, PP, PET-G – the wide range of filaments from which the model is printed is possible only thanks to the high printing temperature and the maintenance of a constant temperature in the chamber.
  • Number of nozzles: 2 – both printers 500 PRO and 500 MED have 2 nozzles, which enable printing with two materials in one printing process. This makes it possible to create two-material models, e.g. TPU and PEEK in one model.
  • High-performance head with direct filament feed system
  • Easily interchangeable nozzles
  • Working chamber – closed chamber, allows temperature to be maintained during printing, so that the felt is not destroyed
  • Work table – both printers use the same setup and materials for the work table.
    • The table is vacuum, with an interchangeable plastic surface S5-HT for polymers with a processing temperature of 300-450 degrees and S5-LT for polymers with a processing temperature of up to 300 degrees
    • Maximum temperature on the work table is 150 degrees
    • The table has an auto levelling function of the platform by strain gauge measurement
  • The mechanical parameters of the printers are the same for both 500 PRO and 500 MED. The structure is made of powder-coated aluminium and anodised aluminium.
  • The printers have axis drives in the form of hybrid servo drives.
  • Powered by 240V
  • Control of the printers – have a touch panel for easy system management
  • Intuitive operation via display

Differences between the 3D printers

The 500 PRO and 500 MED printers, despite many similarities in design and technology, have differences that set them apart in the medical and industrial markets.
The MED printer uses the UV light sterilisation necessary for medical printing. In addition, there is a HEPA filter inside the chamber, while the 500 PRO printer has ventilation by means of a carbon filter, which is good enough for industrial applications.
The final difference in the two devices is the housing of the working chamber. In the medical printer, in order to maintain the parameters needed for certification, the working chamber has been finished in acid-resistant steel.


For whom is the 500 PRO printer?

The printer is designed for industrial, automotive and aerospace companies focused on industrial prints, small batch production, prototyping from a wide range of filaments.

For whom is the 500 MED printer?

The printer with medical applications meets the highest standards thanks to additional functions such as sterilisation or construction of the chamber from acid-resistant steel. It will prove useful in medical establishments, research centres where research into the application of 3D printing in medical areas is conducted.

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