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Check our offer and find out which VSHAPER 3D printer fits your company the best!

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Our products and services make an integrated system of solutions for 3D print.


3D Printers

Precise device successful in industry.

Providing comprehensive 3D printing solutions that meet the expectations of professionals is our priority. With many years of experience, we do our best, investing in patented strategies, innovative design, and technological solutions to ensure that the quality of products and services is at the highest level.

Professional machines printing with VSHAPER thermoplastic materials are especially used in the automotive, aerospace, military, and medical industries, as well as in research institutions, higher education, and design.

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FILSHAPER materials enable smooth final processing, especially polishing and varnishing.

The choice of proper material used in the process of additive manufacturing has immense influence on the quality, durability and the appearance of the print. We offer a wide range of renowned filaments, from universal ASA and ABS, through high-quality polyamide filaments, ending with high-temperature PEEK.

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High quality polyamide filament. Carbon fibre reinforcement allows to reduce the component weight while maintaining high rigidity of the material.

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High heat resistance

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High tensile strength

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Good chemical resistance

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Higher rigidity and dimensional stability than PA12

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Special glass fiber reinforced polyamide, so it shows higher strength, stiffness and dimensional stability.

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Very high mechanical strength

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Good electrical insulating properties

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Higher thermal resistance

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Low susceptibility to deformation

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This polycarbonate is a transparent thermoplastic material with high rigidity and very high mechanical strength.

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High impact resistance

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Stiffness over a wide temperature range

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Good electrical insulating properties

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Thermoplastic polyurethane with its high flexibility allows for the production of precisely tailored parts and flexible components for mechanical systems.

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High resistance to dynamic loads

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Very good resistance to weather conditions

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High flexibility

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High resistance to cracking



Software for every 3D printer

SOFTSHAPER software supports the creation of the most technologically advanced models. SOFTSHAPER significantly affects the final print properties, giving the possibility of designing details with programmed strength, which is particularly important in professional use in various industries.

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Outsorce your 3D printing!

You don't have to buy a 3D printer at all to have access to the highest quality prints. Let us take care of it for you. Take advantage of our experience, technologists and optimize costs.

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Case Studies

See how companies benefit from using VSHAPER 3D printers


VSHAPER meets high accuracy standards assuring the precise prototype dimensions.

VSHAPER solutions guarantee precise printing of individual elements that together form a functional mechanism. The precise 3d printout with given parameters requires mastered wisdom about FDM technology key aspects. Innovative VSHAPER solutions guarantee efficient control of settings of printing conditions and investigation of printed filament dynamics. The ability of precise 3d printing of individual elements of different […]

3d printer

3D printing technology supports Fakro development.

The Fakro company which is present on polish and global markets, the worldwide leader in skylights and attic stairs production, joins to the list of VSHAPER  users – the producer of industrial 3D printers. In 2019 Fakro’s Development and Research department engineers decided to enrich their machinery park with a new industrial 3D printer. .

diver under water
B4 - seacraft

3D Printing in serial production of underwater scooters

Another company joined the group of owners of industrial 3D VSHAPER PRO+ printer. B-4 Association, operating on the market for almost 20 years, cooperates with the manufacturer of underwater scooters looking and acting like props from movies about agent 007. The institution, based in Rzeszów, deals with comprehensive support for projects in the field of […]

About us

Shape Your World

We create reliable 3D printers supporting prototyping and small-lot production processes. We have a wide range of FILSHAPER filaments. Observing the growing market demand for IT systems supporting the operation of 3D devices, our offer also includes professional SOFTSHAPER software, compatible with any printer.

By focusing on innovation, quality and the pursuit of continuous development, we care for a high level of cooperation, ranging from professional advice in the selection of machines, software, materials, taking into account the specifications of the client's activity, ending with implementations and technical support.

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years of experience


completed projects


technical support services



Market success

We are continuously working on the development of distribution network of the 3D printers conducting business discussions with potential resellers from whole world.

Complete solutions

Thanks to an integrated ecosystem of devices, filaments, and software, transforming projects into real objects is carried out with repeatable and outstanding quality of prints.


The modern VSHAPER Research and Development Center has a machine park equipped with innovative equipment and highly specialized R&D staff, which ensures professional services.

Defined needs

By providing solutions supporting the production processes of world-renowned enterprises, we are well aware of the challenges facing the modern industry. The ability to select optimal solutions to the specificity of a given activity is of key importance for Customer satisfaction.


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Latest News

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How VSHAPER 3D printers can revolutionize the development of medicine?

The precision of printouts for medical applications is guaranteed by VSHAPER 3D printers – specifically designed for one of the most demanding industry.

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modeling in 3d program


SOFTSHAPER – the professional software tailored to the needs of industrial printing machines in FDM technology, also compatible with low-budget 3D printers, has just presented the latest release of its essential functions. As the creators assure, it is worth to consider exchanging the existing software to a software well suited to high technological and material […]

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VSHAPER 3D Printers in Taipei, Taiwan

3D VSHAPER Printers are gaining strength and popularity around the world. Thanks to cooperation with our Asian market distributor, Josh Chung from Tinjin Newtech, 3D Print enthusiasts will have the opportunity to talk about the production and possible use of 3D VSHAPER Printers on Taipei Int’l Mold & Die Industry Fair in Taiwan (TAIMOLD) from […]

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Cutting-edge World Class 3D Printer Created in Poland

The financial support of OP Smart Growth 2014-2020 has made the ongoing intensive work on the development of 3D VSHAPER possible. Worth 2,8 million euros ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ project, set up by the Polish producer, has been subsidized with 2 million euros.

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Comprehensive 3D Printing Solutions

The trust of customers around the world is the best recommendation of our products.

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What Clients Say

When choosing a 3D printer, we outsourced PEEK prints to various manufacturers. The quality of the prints made by 3D printer manufacturer VSHAPER was the highest.

Marek Schnitzer

Marek Schnitzer

Doctor of Engineering Technical University in Košice

VSHAPER 3D printers allow us to remain flexible and independent. In this way, we reduce production costs and gain a big advantage over other companies in the industry.

Grzegorz Stępień

Grzegorz Stępień

R&D Technologist - BORG Automotive

VSHAPER printers are characterized by quiet operation of the devices, low emission of odor of the used material, high efficiency, well-thought-out construction and what is extremely important for every designer - perfectly designed design

Krzysztof Rychławski

Krzysztof Rychławski

Designer "Pracownia do Rzeczy"

Not everything has to be manufactured with CNC machines, especially since using 3D printing technology to create components and fixtures can generate huge savings.

Gydo Keijzer

Gydo Keijzer

CAD/CAM Engineer - KCCPD

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Enhance the innovation of your venture by implementing 3D printing technology

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