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Our 3D printers, filaments and services make an integrated system of solutions for 3D printing.


3D Printers

Precise machines successful in many industries.

Industrial and medical 3D printers are used in a wide range of industries, from prototyping, small batch printing, manufacturing work, robotics and medical printing.
Years of experience have developed innovative technologies that ensure the reliability and high quality of 3D printers.

VSHAPER 3D printers are used in the automotive, aerospace, military and medical industries, as well as in research institutions, universities and design.

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3D printers software

SOFTSHAPER software supports the creation of innovative and technologically advanced models with different spatial internal structure, with the possibility of different filling of individual layers. The 3D printing software has the ability to design parts with programmed strength, which is especially important for professional use in various industries or branches.



Filaments to 3D printing

The choice of the right material used in the incremental manufacturing process has a huge impact on the quality, durability and appearance of the print. We offer a wide range of reputable plastics from versatile ASA and ABS through high-quality polyamide filaments to high-temperature PEEK, which we specialize in.

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3D printing services

Outsorce your 3D printing

3D printing services are a modern technology that allows the creation of physical objects based on digital models. The process involves the layering of material. Use the potential of 3D printing in your business, optimize production costs, without buying a printer.

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VSHAPER 3D Printing Case Studies

Read more about how 3D printing can be used effectively in industry, and learn about the value of 3D printing technology in various industries and applications.

About us

Explore the world of 3D printing

VSHAPER is an international manufacturer of industrial 3D printers supporting small batch production and prototyping processes, 3D printing in medicine, among others. We offer 3D printers with patented technological solutions, which are used in foundry, automotive, aerospace, as well as in education, design and medicine.

A great value is the precision of the printing and the solid technical support that is provided from the moment the device is launched in an industrial environment. VSHAPER is the world's first manufacturer of the VSHAPER 5AX 5-axis printer. It is also a manufacturer of 3D printer software - SOFTSHAPER

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Blog Posts

features of 3D printing software

The best features of 3D printing software – TOP 8 of SOFTSHAPER

Learn more about the top 8 features of SOFTSHAPER – 3D printing software. See how simple you can apply them to your business, streamline your production processes, cut costs and reduce time.

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polypropylene filament for 3D printing

Polypropylene filament for 3D printing

One of the popular materials used in 3D printing is polypropylene (PP) filament. Polypropylene is widely used in industry and has many benefits, such as low weight, strength, flexibility and chemical resistance.

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comparison of the printers

Comparison of the 500 PRO and 500 MED 3D printers

3D printers are revolutionary devices that are changing our approach to production and creation in a variety of industries. This article will compare two models of the flagship VSHAPER 500 PRO and 500 MED printers. It will help you make an informed choice and find the 3D printer that best suits your needs.

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How are 3D scanners and 3D printers changing the way we design and manufacture?

In recent years, 3D scanners and 3D printers have changed the way we design and manufacture all kinds of objects. These innovative technologies not only provide new possibilities in creation, but also speed up and streamline entire manufacturing processes.

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Strength of 3D printing

The strength of a 3D printed model is influenced by a number of factors, primarily the geometry/shape of the model, the printer on which the print is made and the temperature of the print, the type of material and the amount of outer contours and top/bottom layers and the degree of infill. Read the article […]

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3D printing filament PA GF FILSHAPER

PA GF is a polyamide with glass fibre, a 3D printing filament used to print very durable components such as machine parts, tools or housings. This material requires care in setting the print parameters well and using the right printer.

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What features should 3D printer software have?

3D printer software is one of the most important elements responsible for the quality, efficiency and capabilities of prints.

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Strong 3D printing filament – PEEK GF

PEEK with glass fibre is material in the VSHAPER portfolio, a high-performance composite material with thermoplastic properties. It is a reinforced PEEK with 15 per cent glass fibre fill, harder than PEEK.

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small batch line production

Quality of small batch 3D printing production – tutorial

Watch the next episode of Softshaper Tutorials! Find out more about advantages of 3D printing small batch production line

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3D printer specifications. What to look for when selecting a 3D printer?

There are several elements to consider when choosing a 3D printer. Check out what 3D printer specifications you should pay attention to.

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Comprehensive 3D Printing Solutions

The trust of customers around the world is the best recommendation of our 3D printing systems.

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What Clients Say

When choosing a 3D printer, we outsourced PEEK prints to various manufacturers. The quality of the prints made by 3D printer manufacturer VSHAPER was the highest.

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Marek Schnitzer

Doctor of Engineering Technical University in Košice

VSHAPER 3D printers allow us to remain flexible and independent. In this way, we reduce production costs and gain a big advantage over other companies in the industry.

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Grzegorz Stępień

R&D Technologist - BORG Automotive

VSHAPER printers are characterized by quiet operation of the devices, low emission of odor of the used material, high efficiency, well-thought-out construction and what is extremely important for every designer - perfectly designed design

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Krzysztof Rychławski

Designer "Pracownia do Rzeczy"

Not everything has to be manufactured with CNC machines, especially since using 3D printing technology to create components and fixtures can generate huge savings.

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Gydo Keijzer

CAD/CAM Engineer - KCCPD

complex 3D printed models

Enhance the innovation of your venture by implementing 3D printing technology

Define business requirements and let us prepare an offer best suited to your needs.

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