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Five-axis 3D printing is a definite way forward for the industry. Check out our solution that is changing the perspective on 3D printing possibilities!

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Industry FIVE AXIS pforessional 3D printer
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5-axis 3D printing
High temperature materials processing
Automatic printing head change

VSHAPER 5AX MACHINE is changing the way of thinking about 3D printing in FFF technology. The 5-axis kinematics of the machine equipped with a rotary-tilt work platform allows you to forget about the conventional printing method consisting in additive application of successive layers of material.


Simultaneous 5-axis printing

The simultaneous module allows you to make a model with the possibility of smooth orientation of the finishing element in relation to the implemented trajectory of movement. Each generated surface becomes an individual geometric object, which may have dedicated path laying strategies and technological parameters.


Indexed printing

Indexed 5-axis printing allows you to strengthen the structure of the model in any direction within one object by the possibility of transferring the plane constituting the basis for applying subsequent tool paths to another previously printed surface.


Filament bank

Used in the VSHAPER 5AX five-axis 3D printer, the built-in filament bank allows the use of multiple materials in a single process without the need to stop 3D printing.


Printing temperature

VSHAPER 5AX is printing with high temperature filaments. Combining their properties with the layering method of five-axis printing produces models with the best specifications.


Rotary-tilt platform

The use of a rotary-tilt platform is a huge development for 3D printing. It opens up new possibilities and overcomes most of the limitations of FFF


Heated, vacuum bed

A heated vacuum table ensures excellent first layer adhesion and the ability to repeat the process almost continuously.


Actively heated chamber

The actively heated work chamber of the VSHAPER 5AX 3D Printer provides consistent conditions that ensure success in processing even the most demanding plastics


Large workspace

Large workspace allows large models to be manufactured in their entirety.


The 5-axis kinematics of the machine allows you to forget about the conventional printing method.



  • Integrated dual direct feeder
  • Feeder air cleaning system
  • Model air cooling system
  • Filament encoder
  • Head identification with EEPROM memory
  • STARLINK 2.0 clamping

Working with multiple materials in one process, making it possible to make models from hard material, reinforced with high-strength material and printed elastomeric seals.



The tool finds application in postprocessing of “just printed model”. Finishing Head is equipped with STARLINK 2.0 clamping system. Thank to this, the Head may be used just after printing process is finished. Without changeovers or additional work. The contracting collet allows to fit milling, drilling or burnishing tool.

The contracting collet allows fitting milling, drilling or burnishing tool.



The probing system implemented in VSHAPER 5AX introduces perfect way to gather knowledge about model, you manufacture. Programable measuring sequences allows the user to measure print during printing process, just before next indexing procedure, or after all printing sequences to get bases for milling process.

Technical Specification

Learn about the Device Parameters

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