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With the focus on development and improvement of our solutions, we’ve been entrusting the sale of our products to professional resellers around the world. We have considerable experience in cooperating with various industries. Companies embarking upon the adventure of 3D printing in partnership with VSHAPER are provided with product training and substantive support in every stage of the distribution process.

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people standing in front of a 3d printer PEEK 3D printed gear part
Fast and professional technical support allows me to enjoy the process of cooperation with the manufacturer of VSHAPER printers.

Shou Chung

Sales Manager - Chinese distributor

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Meet Resellers from around the world.

Meet VSHAPER Resellers from around the World

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Through our cooperation with resellers around the world we have the opportunity to reach places where additive precision print is of value. Our presence on the international market is not a coincidence. It is much rather a consistent realization of our development strategy in which we continuously observe the needs of the market to be able meet them successfully.

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    What Resellers Say

    Introducing VSHAPER 3D printers to our offer was a good step. Huge advantage is a great technology developed for working with PEEK material - my customers were looking for solutions for this material and VSHAPER turned out to be the only manufacturer meeting the criteria for working with this material.


    CEO Vertical Print

    Our cooperation with the producer of VSHAPER is not a revolution but an evolution, and the choice of a partner was an obvious one.


    Managing Director- CADWorks Systems

    Quick and professional technical support allows me to enjoy the cooperation process with the producer of VSHAPER printers. I'm convinced that this innovative product will become successful in Asian market.



    Observing the market, we strive to rise to the challenges presented by our customers by offering them the VSHAPER solutions


    Marketing Manager - SOLIDEXPERT

    VSHAPER 3D Printing Case Studies

    Read more about how 3D printing can be used effectively in industry, and learn about the value of 3D printing technology in various industries and applications.


    3D printing in the food industry

    Find out more about the 3D printing service in the food industry. Learn about the implementation of 3D printing at Frezmet, how 3D printing replaced the milling machine. What were the goals of the collaboration, what problems were encountered and how were they solved? Read now.

    three matching 3D printed elements

    VSHAPER meets high accuracy standards assuring the precise prototype dimensions.

    VSHAPER solutions guarantee precise printing of individual elements that together form a functional mechanism. The precise 3d printout with given parameters requires mastered wisdom about FDM technology key aspects. Innovative VSHAPER solutions guarantee efficient control of settings of printing conditions and investigation of printed filament dynamics. The ability of precise 3d printing of individual elements of different […]

    3d printer in production company

    3D printing technology supports Fakro development.

    The Fakro company which is present on polish and global markets, the worldwide leader in skylights and attic stairs production, joins to the list of VSHAPER  users – the producer of industrial 3D printers. In 2019 Fakro’s Development and Research department engineers decided to enrich their machinery park with a new industrial 3D printer. .

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