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Software for VSHAPER 3D printers

SOFTSHAPER 3D Printing software supports the creation of the most technologically advanced models.

SOFTSHAPER significantly affects the final print properties, giving the possibility of designing details with programmed strength, which is particularly important in professional use in various industries.

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Open system software

Open system lets you manipulate all the settings of printing process. Select the best printing temperature, speed, support and much more to get the best result

Wide range of 3D printing materials

Support 3D printing model preparation process with the use of any material. If the projects you work on are too demanding for commercially available software - you just found the one you we looking for!

Advanced functions

Advanced functions like INSERTS, LAYERS GROUPING or SUPPORT DESIGN will let you reach the 3D Printed model for end use with the best parameters

Intuitive CAD/CAM interface

Uses the functionalities of CAD/CAM software in 3D printing model preparation process. If you came across limitations of commercially available systems supporting 3D printing - now you know how to overcome them!

Professional preparation of 3D printing technology

The process of 3D printing in FDM technology requires the support of professional software, which, in addition to generating G-code for 3D devices, will allow the user to create technologically advanced models with a diverse structure.

Integrated system of solutions for 3D printing

SOFTSHAPER software is an application that allows you to operate VSHAPER 3D printers based on a wide range of materials, an intuitive CAD / CAM interface and many innovative solutions and functions.

3D enthusiasts will definitely be interested in the possibility of temperature setting and printing speed configuration, layer height, wall thickness, filling placement orientation or extruder choice for printing with one extruder in the case of dual extruder printer.

The application interface allows for dynamic cooling of the printout, pausing the printout at each stage and making supporting decisions. It is worth adding that thanks to SOFTSHAPER, the user can decide when he wants to start generating the path, which significantly affects the performance of the application.

The software is compatible with the following file formats: *.stl, *.obj, *.dae, *.amg.




Optimization of technological parameters based on the print quality factor


A set of functions that allows you to separate individual parts from the assembly model as submodels


Possibility to manually insert supports and modify the size of the object


Editing technology by layer grouping and modifying technology for the indicated area


Possibility to set dedicated technology for parts in assemblies



Innovative CAM software for 3D printing

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