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PEEK CF filament for 3D printing – properties, applications

New 3D printing filament PEEK CF FILSHAPER (peek carbon fibre)

The 3D printing filament market continues to grow by offering new solutions and possibilities. The best example of this is PEEK material with carbon fibre, which is an innovation of standard PEEK. How do they differ from each other? Explore the properties of PEEK CF FILSHAPER and find out in which industries PEEK CF will find application.

What is PEEK CF material?

PEEK CF (carbon fibre peek, carbon fibre, carbon peek) is a high-performance material used in 3D printing, and will work well in FDM.  PEEK CF is PEEK doped with carbon fibre, which allows for even more durable structures. The carbon fibre is evenly distributed in the material, so that the durability of the model is achieved throughout its volume. Depending on the manufacturer, the degree of doping varies. The FILSHAPER PEEK CF filament is doped with 15% carbon fibre.


Photo 1 – Printing the lower suspension arm from FILSHAPER PEEK CF filament on the VSHAPER printer


PEEK CF FILSHAPER is a filament that has better mechanical properties than PEEK, primarily higher impact strength and tensile and flexural strength (a difference of almost 20%). The material is dimensionally stable and has high stiffness. The density of the carbon fibre filament is higher, which helps maintain consistency. It is a flame-retardant material (class V0), with low thermal expansion. It is resistant to thermal deformation, so that it does not change its size or properties when the temperature changes.  The carbon fibre-doped filament (PEEK CF FILSHAPER) is resistant to creep, i.e. to a slow change in shape due to constant but long-term loading. In addition, moisture absorption and water uptake is lower than for PEEK under the same conditions. PEEK CF is resistant to hydrolysis and superheated steam, allowing it to be used in harsh environments where temperature and humidity differences are high (e.g. components for electric cars).


Photo 2 – Printing a rotor from FILSHAPER PEEK CF filament on the VSHAPER printer

Key benefits of PEEK CF FILSHAPER:

  • High mechanical strength – tensile and bending resistance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to thermal deformation
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Creep resistance
  • High material stiffness
  • Filament resistant to hydrolysis and superheated steam
  • Reduced moisture and water absorption
  • Resistant to sterilisation


PEEK CF filament is ideal for printing components in demanding industries (aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, space technology). Models made from this material can even replace metal structural components.  PEEK filled with carbon fibre can also be used in the marine or nuclear industries. Thanks to its high thermal conductivity and resistance to temperature and humidity changes, this filament can be used to create components in the automotive and aviation industries, e.g. drive components, brake systems, pumps, turbines.

Examples of PEEK CF applications:

  • Automotive components – powertrain, braking and steering systems, safety system components, windscreen washers
  • In aviation – advanced ventilation systems, interior fittings, turbines, pumps
  • In industry – pump impellers, gears, gear wheels, bearings
  • Additional: guides, slides, sleeves, rollers, vacuum chamber components


Photo 3 – Printing a hot air nozzle from FILSHAPER PEEK CF filament on the VSHAPER printer

How is the PEEK CF FILSHAPER prepared for printing?

The process of preparing PEEK CF for printing looks similar to that for PEEK itself. Before printing, it is required to dry the filament within a certain time specified by the manufacturer. In the case of PEEK CF FILSHAPER, this is approximately 4-8 hours, at a temperature of 120 ˚C, a longer time than the PEEK filament. After this time has elapsed, place the filament in the printer, select the design that was previously prepared with the SOFTSHAPER software used by the VSHAPER printer. SOFTSHAPER software, which we use to prepare designs for printing, has a prepared filament profile with specially selected technological parameters adapted to the specific printer.  As a result, when you start printing with a new material, you save time and enjoy accurate prints.


Photo 4- Printing of the hydrualic attachment from FILSHAPER PEEK CF filament on the VSHAPER printer

What price of PEEK CF filament?

The price of PEEK CF depends on the type of filament and the percentage of carbon fibre doping. The size of the filament spool – diameter and weight – is also important. It should be noted that the price of PEEK CF compared to PEEK is on the higher side, as it is more expensive to produce the material with carbon fibres.

Check out the PEEK CF filament at VSHAPER, with 15 % carbon fibre reinforcement! To celebrate the launch of the filament, we have prepared a promotion for the first month of PEEK CF FILSHAPER.

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The best 3D printer for peek CF

The best 3D printer for peek CF filament, is the VSHAPER 500 PRO machine. It will provide perfect layer adhesion and excellent dimensional tolerance. It has a specialised head that heats the material to the right temperature and maintains the correct temperature inside the chamber and on the table. Printing with it is extremely easy, thanks to specially prepared print profiles with SOFTSHAPER software.

Check out the 500 PRO printer!

Keep in mind that if you have a VSHAPER printer and SOFTSHAPER software, you will receive a filament profile with print settings that you adapt to your project. So you can print effectively and accurately straight away, without wasting time on trial prints on your machine.


Prints from PEEK CF filament have been prepared by 3D printing specialist VSHAPER. Do you want to see if this material and 3D printing will work for your business? You do not need to buy a printer right away, order prints by sending a ready project to us, you will receive a quote and information on costs and time of print preparation.

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Trust in the new technologies!

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