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ABS copolymer is widely used in 3D Printing because of its universal combination of mechanical properties, i.e., it achieves a compromise between impact strength, stiffness, and breaking or bending strength.

Good insulating properties

High impact strength

High mechanical strength

High thermal resistance

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Filament type:


Industrial grade 3D Printing material with high resistance to temperature fluctuations. Filament is easy to machine, glue, coat with varnish and can be electroplated.

A material that is widely used in every industry for functional prototypes such as conceptual designs and usable parts that require good scratch and tensile resistance. It is ideal for making bracket mountings or parts that are part of single-product technical objects.

About FILSHAPER ABS-S21 filament

Check in which industries PEEK FILSHAPER is highly appreciated. See 3D Printed models allowing the use of presented material.

Recommended 3D Printers for ABS



Five-axis 3D printing is a definite way forward for the industry. Check out our solution that is changing the perspective on 3D printing possibilities!

5-axis 3D printing

High temperature materials processing


Automatic printing head change

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Industry FIVE AXIS pforessional 3D printer


The additive manufacturing technology, combining surgical precision with the reliability and speed of the printing process, perfectly meets the expectations of the world of medicine.

Workspace 420x420x420 mm

450°C printing temperature

Closed chamber

Heated, vacuum bed

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Industry VSHAPER 500 MED medical 3D printer


An efficient specialized device in the segment of medical 3D printers is a response to the growing demand of the modern medical sector.

Workspace 250x250x175 mm

420°C - 3D printing temperature

Actively heated chamber

Heated, vacuum bed

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Industry VSHAPER 270 MED medical 3D printer
complex 3D printed models

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