VSHAPER 3D Printers Offered in Germany by 3D Industrie GmbH

VSHAPER 3D Printers Offered in Germany by 3D Industrie GmbH

For many years the German economy has been at the forefront of the group of countries benefiting en masse from additive technologies in small lot production. Technological background, know-how, qualified group of specialists and funds allocated for Research and Development give the opportunity to design more and more advanced solutions using 3D Printing. On the basis of an agreement signed with a new distributor, VSHAPER will offer its 3D Printing solutions on this perspective and highly technologically advanced market.

The market for VSHAPER 3D Printing solutions is constantly growing. The group of international distributors has just been joined by a German company – 3D Industrie GmbH. The company has been a specialist in providing the highest quality 3D Printing solutions for German-speaking markets for many years. They offer VSHAPER industrial 3D Printers, filaments and software.

Machines, materials and software complement the needs of the German additive printing market. VSHAPER is a group of educated, committed enthusiasts of 3D Printing technology that provides highest quality solutions. That is why we decided to cooperate with them – says Maria Lutz, the owner of 3D Industrie GmbH.

The German market is another direction of VSHAPER expansion. Recently, the group of distributors has been extended by companies such as CADSYS Scandinavia from Denmark, and 3Dvisual from Spain.

Germany is one of the few countries in Europe where research and development expenditure accounts for over 3% of GDP. This is the country where advanced technologies are created, used and improved. We want to create and develop an additive manufacturing market with industry pioneers, for whom innovation, quality and continuous development are the pillars of undertaken activities – says Tomasz Szymański, the CEO and founder of VSHAPER.