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Case Study

VSHAPER GO in Decorative Goods Production

Don-Plast is a team of experienced and committed employees with over twenty years of experience. The company was appreciated for the development and the scale of its business and recognized as a “Business Cheetah” in 2015, and also awarded the title of “Reliable Partner”. The company specializes in the production of flowerpots, saucers, bowls, plastic vases, alternatives to ceramics and glass.

We pride ourselves on products of high quality, satisfying the needs of the most demanding buyers. We make sure our assortment is constantly expanding and the products set new trends with freshness and functionality. Hence the decision to choose a VSHAPER GO 3D Printer that supports our prototyping process – says Tadeusz Michorczyk, the owner of Don-Plast.

VSHAPER GO is a perfect solution when embarking upon the adventure of 3D Printing. It’s the answer to the expectations of designers, creators, enthusiasts and companies implementing the use of 3D Printing technology. The device prints in PLA. It is characterized by platform auto-leveling and automatic nozzle cleaning.

When creating VSHAPER GO our main focus was to shorten the path from user’s model to final print. This feature is of great importance in prototyping – summarizes Sebastian Pietruszewski, Area Sales Manager from VERASHAPE.

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