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ISMO is 3D Printing Prototypes

ISMO is 3D Printing Prototypes

3D Printing technology is well used in prototyping, especially when the product is only to be presented to potential investors and manufacturers of its components. The founders of ISMO start-up (Interactive System for Medicine On-Line) have successfully tried out the VSHAPER for their 3D Printing.

The ISMO idea is the accurate, secure and immediate recording of disease and its transfer to the GP’s office for medical consultation.

We value solutions based on needs more than needs created only to sell solutions. Creating ISMO we are primarily concerned with making it easier for people to consult with a physician based on photos or depiction of the disease prepared by the patient himself, without queues or leaving home – says Joanna Borowska, the representative from ISMO.

Beginning their work on ISMO, the developers created a prototype, ordering 3D Printouts using FILSHAPER ABS. The prototype was presented to potential investors and used during the search for potential housing manufacturers.



I have been involved in establishing business relationships between European entrepreneurs and manufacturers in China for many years within the framework of Trade Network. When creating ISMO, I was looking for potential housing manufacturers in the Chinese market. To be able to visualize our concept I needed a real mapping of the project. 3D Printing outsourced to VSHAPER proved to be the perfect solution which will also help us in the preparation of production molds – concludes Joanna Borowska.

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