VSHAPER at European Rover Challenge 2016

VSHAPER at European Rover Challenge 2016

European Rover Challenge is Europe’s largest space and robotic event directed towards the representatives of science and business, new-tech sector and the general public. The event will take place between 10-12 September in Congress and Exhibition Center in the region of Podkarpacie in Poland.

It is made up of two basic elements. Firstly, it is the prestigious since the beginning in 2014 competition of Martian robots, where young engineers from around the world compete in tasks analogous to those performed by the actual rovers on Mars. Secondly, for ERC visitors a great attraction provides an area of Science and Technology Shows –presentations prepared by dozens of exhibitors, representing both research institutions as well as companies and NGOs.

We cordially invite you to VSHAPER stand to the area of Science and Technology Show.

Read more about European Rover Challenge on http://roverchallenge.eu/

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