VSHAPER 3D Printers

VSHAPER 3D Printers

We do everything in our power to make our solutions intuitive and ergonomic, giving our customers the ability to obtain high quality of 3D Prints. Having 20 years of experience in cooperation with production companies we create unfailing 3D Printers designed for industrial use. We are fully aware of expectations towards industrial appliances and producers’ needs.

The printers we offer are successfully used in automotive, foundry, aerospace, medicine, injection mold production, as well as in research institutes, higher education and design.

Precision of print, successful in various branches of industry, and references from producers around the world, let us believe that devices we produce will meet the expectations of most demanding customers.




Successful in Industry

Enhance the innovation of your venture by implementing 3D Printing Technology

Define business requirements and let us prepare an offer best suited to your needs.

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Get a Quote – VSHAPER 3D Printers
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Endless Possibilities of 3D Printing

Turn your Ideas into Physical Objects.


The contemporary world is constantly shaping us. It is shaping our work, life, passion, allowing us to create the reality around us. Facing the challenges of contemporary world 3D Printing technology gives immense possibilities to those who wish to create the present, thinking about the future.

  • Workspace 215x215x200
  • Platform Auto-leveling

  • Automatic Nozzle Cleaning
  • ABS and PLA Printing


A flagship VERASHAPE product, dedicated for industrial prints with PLA, ABS, PMMA, PA, PET-G, HIPS, PVA and PC, characterized by high quality of finish.

  • 270x270x200 Build Volume
  • 300°C Printing Temperature

  • Single or Double Head
  • Closed Chamber


A printer that stands out with 450/450/450 mm workspace and the choice of patented extruders: VPREC-SINGLE or VPREC-DOUBLE allowing the use of two materials in one printing process.

  • 450x450x450 Build Volume
  • 0.2-1.2 mm Nozzle Diameter

  • Single or Double Head
  • Closed Chamber


Device designed to create 3D prints with enhanced mechanical and thermal endurance. Prints made with VSHAPER PRO, widely popular in medicine, automotive and aerospace industries, are often used as alternatives to elements made of metal.

  • PEEK Printing
  • Heated Table

  • 400°C Printing Temperature
  • UPS


According to experts additive manufacturing is one of the techniques that will revolutionize the world of medicine. It is already used to aid the creation of dental crowns, bone parts, blood vessels and hip-joints prosthetics.

  • Closed Chamber
  • UV Light

  • HEPA Filter
  • Door Lock


A printer suitable for most demanding users, created based on the needs defined by them. The end-user takes an active part throughout the entire process of defining demands. It is up to him to decide on: the size of the working area, the number and type of nozzles as well as the features of the platform used in the printing process.

  • Parameterized Nozzle Diameter
  • Parameterized Printing Space

  • Parameterized Filament Diameter
  • Customized Technical Parameters


VSHAPER 5-AXIS MACHINE will transform the way people think about 3D Printing in FFF technology. Thanks to 5-AXIS kinematics equipped with tilting rotary working platform – one can forget about the conventional layer-by-layer printing method.

  • Indexed / Simultaneous 5-AXIS Printing
  • Advanced Tool Store

  • Multiple Individually Controlled Heated Sections