VSHAPER Open Innovation

VSHAPER Open Innovation

VSHAPER Open Innovation is an idea that fits in the most important trends of the contemporary economy. It is based not only on the search for new ideas related to additive manufacturing technology, but above all, on the involvement of industry representatives in creating solutions that will actually affect the development of their production processes.

As part of the VSHAPER Open Innovation program, we cooperate with leading production companies interested in the development and implementation of 5-axis 3D Printing technology, which we presented for the first time at the FORMNEXT 2017 fair in Frankfurt — one of Europe’s most important events dedicated to additive technologies.

“Globally innovative additive printer” project is supported by The National Center for Research and Development.

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The conceptual work on the 5-Axis Machine continues, but we have decided to present its effects so that potential customers are included in the technology development process. We strive for the machine, that will become available to purchase in 2019, to meet the expectations of demanding production companies.

Tomasz Szymański


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Open Technical Specification

Learn about the Device Parameters

VSHAPER 5-AXIS MACHINE - Technical Specification

  • Printing in FFF technology in 5 axis (X, Y, Z, B, C)
  • Workspace in the shape of a cylinder with a 300 mm diameter and a 300 mm height
  • Tool Store
  • Closed chamber with active heating
  • Working platform with multiple individually controlled heated sections


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