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Visit VSHAPER Booth on FORMNEXT 2022
Hall 12.1, D81


Visit VSHAPER Booth on FORMNEXT Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main in days 15 – 18 November 2022. Take part in 5AX application competition and listen the presentation in your own language. We will be presenting our Ecosystem in 3 languages: German, French and English. 



Vshaper would love the opportunity to help discover the Best/Sustainable/Economical manufacturing methods available today for your projects. Ever wondered if your parts could be manufactured in a more sustainable and suitable method?

Never had the time, to sit down and work out the best manufacturing method? Let our teams, help you, in discovering new possibilities for your projects, and giving your customers the ability to use alternative manufacturing techniques, prior to investment. We are offering you the ability to discover other methods of manufacturing by using our file upload system, your parts will be anaylised and suitability moderated by our team of expert engineers for FFF 5AX 3D Printing.

Providing a heated chamber and offering a large range of materials in our ecosystem gives the Vshaper 5AX the ability to service methods of manufacturing, from Automobiles, to Aviation and without support!!!

Listen  about VSHAPER Ecosystem during exhibition every day.


10:30 – 11:00     Features of SOFTSHAPER 3D Slicer

SOFTSHAPER – Probably the best slicer3D in the world, we will show you how to save time, manage the quality of your model, solve your support problem and many more that you haven’t even heard of

Duration: 0,5h

14:00 – 14:30     Change the way you think about 3D Printing – 5 AXIS machine presentation

5AX – A unique technology available at your fingertips … we will present what VSHAPER engineers have created

Duration: 0,5h

16:30 – 17:00     How to produce high quality models
– 3 AXIS production system presentation

We will show you how our patents used in VSHAPER machines allow for the production of high quality models. One device for many materials, an open system that opens the door to the production of previously unattainable elements

Duration: 0,5h

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