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Cutting-edge World Class 3D Printer Created in Poland

The financial support of OP Smart Growth 2014-2020 has made the ongoing intensive work on the development of 3D VSHAPER possible. Worth 2,8 million euros ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ project, set up by the Polish producer, has been subsidized with 2 million euros.

The aim of the venture pursued by Verashape is to enhance fused filament fabrication printing technology. The production line is based in Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Aeropolis.

It is not a coincidence that our company pursued such an innovative enterprise. It’s simply a continuation of development work on our line of VSHAPER printers as well as willingness to use the experience and knowledge of our constructors in a practical way – says Tomasz Szymański, founder and the CEO of Verashape.

Idea into patent
The VSHAPER printers are already widely popular among their customers in Poland, Germany and the USA. The appliance can be used in various industries: foundry, automotive, aerospace, and education. The quality of the prints and the producer’s strong support given from the moment of launching the printer in the industrial environment are its great values. The device is mostly used in the process of prototyping and small-lot production.

Nowadays, more often than not, market success is determined by how smooth the implementation process of a product is. VSHAPER printers allow quick transmission from the project to prototyping and finally to the end product – adds Marcin Szymański, Product Manager.

A double-head extruder VPREC-DOUBLE is one of Verashape most prominent patented technological solutions. It allows the use of two materials in one printing process. This innovative technological solution makes it possible to create two-color elements as well as particularly complicated prototypes.

Going global
Setting up the project creates vast possibilities of cooperation with experts from all over the world. Increasing amount of VSHAPER users declares the will to be involved in the development of the device. It is immensely rewarding and satisfying for the entire team – admits the company’s CEO.

The company is hard at work on the development of the distribution network of the 3D Printers. The talks with potential resellers both from Poland and abroad are in progress. Recently Verashape representatives took part in business partner conference in Munich and Milan. It was a perfect opportunity for the continuation of negotiations. In the nearest future the company is going to take part in the biggest Printing and 3D Scanning trades in Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw. It will be a great chance to see the new VSHAPER model as well as initiate business talks with Verashape representatives.

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