Technological Audit

Technological Audit
for Your Company

Do I Need to Perform an Audit?

How your business can benefit from an audit?


The visit of our specialists in your company will consist of analysing:
machinery park,
current activities of the research and development field,
current production activities,
an individual optimization model for company activities.


The audit report will determine:
the individual company needs,
a 3D Printouts will be printed - that will allow the initial assessment of the optimization effects,
the new directions for development.


The audit report will perform:
technological analysis of 3D Print usage during base business processes taking place at the company,
ROI analysis will allow identifying economically of 3D Printing technology implementation validity, possible areas of its application and potential savings over a short and long period.

Reduce Your Manufacturing of Detail Costs


The Vshaper company stands for specialists with a broad knowledge from many branches of industry. Our position is based on many years of experience in technological implementation on R&D and production as well. It means hundreds of machine implementation and satisfied customers.
The audit carried out by VSHAPER specialists is targeted to improve organization and production processes. The test begins from the analysis of a company’s potential, and the basis of the research are processes of production, starting from the conception stage, through production and quality testing up to the completion of the final product.

As part of the free service, you will have the option of testing the latest solutions used in 3D Printing and gain the answer to the question of how new technologies can support your business.

How can I Increase my Company Growth?

For many companies wanting to grow and remain competitive 3D Printing becomes an obvious solution.


Wherever the emphasis is on research and continuous development, where prototyping is an indispensable step in obtaining the optimal form while maintaining the highest quality is the main priority. Wherever ideas and concepts must smoothly take the form of a model, it is worth considering.

Traffic Maintenance

In all production processes, where maintenance is crucial. Because the time to acquire and implement spare parts, along with detailed quality control of the finished element, translates significantly into profit.

Small lot Production

The priority of flexible production focused on a personalized product does not constitute a barrier anymore. Changes in maintenance come down to the modification of a digital model and, production can proceed. The computer database can replace a warehouse.

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