VSHAPER establishes cooperation with ID: Factory Solutions GmbH.

VSHAPER industrial 3D printers available on the german market.

VSHAPER establishes cooperation with ID: Factory Solutions GmbH.

The Polish manufacturer of industrial 3D printers – VSHAPER, present on the domestic and foreign markets, continually expands the group of business partners. The culture of development that characterizes the company, based on investments in innovative solutions, is recognized and allows to build an internationally recognized brand. VSHAPER has just started cooperation with the German company ID: Factory Solutions GmbH.

Thanks to the signed cooperation agreement, the new distributor will offer VSHAPER solutions to the German-speaking market, including the largest of them – the German one. Germany’s economy, the largest in Europe and the fourth in the world (after the USA, China and Japan), is one of the most important markets in Europe for the 3D printing industry.

ID Factory Solutions GmbH will offer VSHAPER solutions to the German market.

ID: Factory Solutions GmbH deals with the optimization of production processes with the use of innovative solutions, such as 3d printing. The company works in a consortium with ID: Industrial Dynamics, dealing with the optimization of processes and automated production lines based on robotic arms. As experienced entrepreneurs, who have been supporting implementations, technological processes and machine innovations in manufacturing companies for years, the ID: Factory Solutions GmbH specialists understand the benefits and advantages of additive technologies.

“Additive manufacturing plays a significant role in a company’s business strategy, and in most cases gives a substantial competitive advantage. Western European economies have significantly increased investment in additive manufacturing technologies. The primary recipient will be the industry, and 3D Printing has the potential to develop industrial processing, which is why we chose VSHAPER – a partner whose machines meet the highest requirements set by manufacturers” – says Ralf Krause, the CEO of ID: Factory Solutions.

New authorised reseller of VSHAPER solutions on the German market-ID Factory Solutions GmbH.

Additive manufacturing has been supporting manufacturing companies in technological development for many years. The forecasts for the growth of additive manufacturing are up-and-coming. The latest research shows that over 50 per cent of the applications of this technology are production applications. 3D printing is no longer just prototyping technology! The areas which use this technology are continually expanding, and more and more companies are deciding to expand their machine park with an industrial 3D printer.

“Most manufacturers who have decided to implement 3D printing technology report a growing interest in additive manufacturing for various applications and plan to invest more in this technology in the coming years. It is because 3D printing is helping companies to develop and significantly improve the entire production process” – says Tomasz Szymański, the CEO and founder of VSHAPER.

The latest research shows that the current use of 3D printing technology for commercial purposes has significantly increased and accounts for over 60 per cent of applications, in addition to hobby and science. Complex geometries, such as lattice structures, are a great advantage of 3D printing. It is therefore not surprising that this technology is used in the context of prototyping, as support for CAD design, in construction and testing innovative solutions or material testing. More importantly, next to these applications, 3D printing is becoming a popular method of short series production, often used next to laser cutting and CNC machining.