VSHAPER against Covid19

Vshaper against Covid19

VSHAPER against Covid19

The epidemic situation in the country and the world does not leave anyone indifferent.

The crisis that we start to slowly encounter increases the feeling of uncertainty and concern for our loved ones. On the other hand, we notice many manifestations of selfless support and willingness to help, which allows us to look into the future with optimism.

Today, as perhaps never before, we understand the need for rapid production on-demand – manufacturing adjusted to current demand, production of spare parts on-site, due to lack of supply or long waiting time. The subjects of 3d printed personal and medical protective equipment, prototypes of respirators and other replaceable parts of the medical apparatus, occupy a large part of current media information.
3d printing flexibly adapts the produced batches to current needs, the changeover of the currently produced element takes a moment and does not take up valuable time. Today we can notice how essential this advantage is.

VSHAPER, joining the campaign for hospitals, was aware that the needs of medical units might vary. At this moment, we print face shields and adapters for protective masks. Ready parts we sent to hospitals that have reported such a demand. What we currently produce depends directly on the needs of hospitals.

“Adapters printed by us are tailored to specific masks of companies available on the market. For the needs of hospitals, we have provided all the spare production capacity of the VERASHAPE machine park, which is about 30 industrial 3D printers from VSHAPER. However, what is important is the material from which we print the elements – this material must ensure the print tightness.” – says Tomasz Szymański – president of VSHAPER.

We have already sent our help to the following medical centers:

  • Poviat Hospital in Nowa Dęba

    Nowa Deba hospital - face shields VSHAPER
  • Provincial Hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów / department Cardiac Surgery and Newborns

  • Clinical Department of Infectious Diseases in Łańcut

  • Emergency Medical Service in Gorlice

    Emergency Medical Service in Gorlice - 3d printed face-masks adapters provided by VSHAPER