The choice of proper material used in the process of additive manufacturing has immense influence on the quality, durability and the appearance of the print. We offer a wide range of renowned filaments, from biodegradable PLA, through hugely popular ABS to remarkably durable PEEK.

The materials we offer are successfully used in automotive, foundry, aerospace, medicine, injection mold production, as well as  in research institutes, higher education and design.

FILSHAPER materials enable smooth final processing, especially polishing and varnishing.



Wide Industrial Use

Made in EU

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Get a Quote – Materials
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Wide Range of Materials

Compare the features of recommended filaments and choose a solution that satisfies your needs.


Ecological, biodegradable filament made of natural raw material. Recommended for people beginning their adventure with 3D Print. Ideal for small and uncomplicated models.

  • No Delamination
  • Good Table Adhesion

  • 180 -220°C Melting Temperature
  • Little Shrinkage


ABS FILSHAPER is perfect for creation of conceptual models as well as components. It is ideal for prototypes, appliances, production of cases, tools and manufacturing elements.

  • Heat Resistance
  • Good Machinability

  • Impact Resistance
  • Easy to Paint


ASA FILSHAPER is high-quality thermoplastic with ideal mechanical features and resistance to UVA. They are mainly used in the production process of electrical system circuits and supports for auto parts prototypes.

  • UVA Resistance
  • Excellent Mechanical Features

  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High Impact Resistance


FILISHAPER PC is a thermoplastic material, characterized by high endurance and resistance to hitting. Processing temperature should be higher than 265°C.

  • Heat Resistance
  • Impact Resistance

  • 265°C Processing Temperature
  • High Durability


FILSHAPER PET-G is very hard and has high physical endurance which allows creation of solid 3D Prints. One of its features is little shrinkage, which makes it ideal for producing large objects.

  • Little Shrinkage
  • Partially Transparent

  • Little Moisture Absorption
  • Sterilizable


PEEK is highly resistant to heat and chemicals with great mechanical features. Virtues of PEEK are highly appreciated in industries where it is used as substitute for aluminum, steel or even titanium.

  • Heat Resistance
  • UV Resistance

  • 400°C Printing Temperature
  • High Thermal Endurance


Very light filament mainly used as support material in the process of additive printing with ABS. When using HIPS as support material we can generate exceptionally unique print shapes, which would be difficult to create in a different production processes.

  • Great Support Material
  • Light Weight

  • Creative Shapes
  • Dissolves in Acids