ITM Talks

The potential of 3D printing
in the context of Industry 4.0

VSHAPER is a guest of ITM Talks

The potential of 3D printing in the aviation, automotive, medical, and other non-obvious industries was the main topic of the online discussions about Industry, organized by the team of ITM Industry Europe Trade Show.

ITM Talks Videos

Vol. 1

• Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the perception of 3D printing technology?
• VSHAPER 3D printers in the medical field, five-axis 3D printing.
• Implementation of 3D printing technology to manufacturing companies.

Vol. 2

• The area of 3D printing technology at the interface between science and commercial use.
• 3D printed medical templates - who benefit from personalizing 3D printout?
• Why should manufacturers of FDM 3D printing machines benefit from the CNC and subtractive technology industry?

See Videos - ITM Talks

See Videos – ITM Talks
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Vol. 3

• The open secret of the metal powders 3D printing industry.
• How are additive technologies breaking through to the automotive industry and the sector of vintage cars?
• 3D printing technology in the field of IoT.