The defense industry takes advantage of advanced VSHAPER 3D Printing technology.
The defense industry tests 3D printing, which delivers lighter, more durable, and highly functional products, to rise to the changing challenges.

Production Line

Due to the nature of military operations, it is a common situation, where meeting the needs of equipment on time through the supply chain is not possible.

War zones, as well as on the sea as on the land, are an example of a situation where often for a long time, soldiers are not able to renew their inventory. With 3d printing technology obtaining the needed parts on the spot for the service purposes of equipment means the transportation of required material.

The usage of 3D printers in terrain is also an optimal solution in the situation where the parts of equipment that weren’t put into account during the supply process, are destroyed.


Electricity, materials, and project files for predicted parts are all that is needed to print devices on demand, even in external conditions.

In theory, there are thousands of different tool designs or surgical tool constructions – kept on discs or to be accessed via the internet – which may be available for printing and used in the field.

Small-lot production

Plastics are much lighter than metals, which makes them a better choice for a wide range of applications, from shields and protective clothing to devices, protective equipment, and parts for vehicles.

Polymers do not just lower the weight of stuff – they increase the agility as well as user safety.

Additionally – because the combined parts, which initially may consist of a few components, the printed version may be made with fewer components or in one piece, so the manufacturer can reduce the whole amount of produced parts.


3D printing enables the reconstruction of devices and parts damaged as a result of exploitation, components where transport is currently impossible or which are not available on the market.

These possibilities would enable engineers with processing more types of repairs on site, reduced inventory requirements, and uncertainty related to equipment levels.


Modern polymers and polymers reinforced with glass or carbon fiber, which are used for military purposes, are characterized by increased strength and impact resistance of the manufactured element.

Nanocomposites (polymers filled with nanoparticles, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc.) increase fracture toughness and electrical conductivity.

This additional functionality can find its role in detecting deformation or damage. Other additives may increase resistance to ultraviolet light and heat or prevent oxidation.


The color of the equipment used in the field or the air can be an essential element of its usability – from a matte finish reducing glare to a camouflage pattern that allows concealment.

Thanks to plastics, manufacturers and designers can create virtually any color or finish during the production process and eliminate the need for costly secondary painting or coating required otherwise by metal parts.

What’s more, the color of the finish on the plastics will not wear off as a result of the wear process.

VSHAPER - We provide solutions

Today’s advanced polymers are extraordinarily durable and can outperform comparable metals in terms of resistance to heat, chemicals, moisture, and impact.

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