VSHAPER 3D Printing Technology supports the Automotive Industry.
3D Printing supports innovative solutions in the automotive industry, increasing the possibilities of prototyping, fast application, and implementation of new solutions.

Production line

Automotive is one of the industries with a very high degree of robotization of production.

The tightly connected network of component manufacturers encourages manufacturers, often located on different continents, to look for solutions that guarantee the constant movement of the production line.

The priority here is to provide solutions and tools on time. The possibility of independent production of spare parts for production lines and individual adaptation of solutions without time-consuming and economically expensive service facilities allow you to solve specific problems at the time of their occurrence.


The ability to Print tooling parts adapted to the new requirements gives manufacturers the confidence to eliminate any unnecessary downtime. At the same time, it guarantees, if necessary, a quick return to the production of components whose production has been suspended.

In general, the production of elements by 3D Printing drastically eliminates the amount of necessary tooling and reduces the lead time.

Small lot production

The priority of production flexibility focused on a personalized product is not a problem for 3D Printing technology at all. The cost of production of a single printed element doesn’t change with a whole series, which means that 3D Printing is the technology that ignores the capital required to achieve the scale capital.

3D Printing eliminates the need for new tooling allowing direct printing of end parts.

It uses only the necessary amount of material to make parts – significantly reduces the amount of waste produced during the treatment.


3D Printing reduces service costs, by eliminating the demand for storage, production in advance (especially for discontinued, older products), and this decreasing after-sales logistics.

The time taken to carry out the service contains in the time it took to Print the part.


3D Printing extends the design possibilities by eliminating restrictions that prevent production while considering traditional methods.

This flexibility is advantageous in the production of products with non-standard functions, such as integrated electrical cabling (through hollow constructions), lower weight (through lattice constructions), and complex geometries that are not possible in a traditional production process. The result is a faster selection of the optimal solution and its application.

High impact, lower weight

The flexibility of printing with thermoplastic materials gives a wide field for designing the shape of automotive components. Due to their increased impact resistance, these elements are perfect as shock-absorbing parts, and their low weight improves the driving economy.

3D Printing allows the production of multi-material parts with different properties within one structure, such as variable strength and electrical conductivity.

VSHAPER - We provide solutions

Research shows that during additive manufacturing, the amount of material needed to produce a single part is on average 10% smaller, additionally – on average, the production cost is 50% lower, while the weight of components and project implementation time is reduced by 64%.

3D Printing plays an essential role in creating faster, safer, lighter, and more efficient vehicles of the future.

VSHAPER 3D Printing Solutions intended for the Automotive Industry

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