VSHAPER printers are mainly used in automotive, foundry, aerospace, medicine, injection mold production, but also in research institutes, higher education and design. The number of customers implementing 3D Print in small-lot production is growing continuously. It gives us the opportunity to be a part of subsequent industry branches development where additive printing is an important innovation.

From our point of view, most interesting segments of the market are those where enterprises are willing to experiment. They test the possibilities of using 3D Printing in completely new fields. That’s how innovation awakes. That is how the inventions that shape our world appear. It feels great to be a part of it.

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Alongside automotive, aerospace is an industry where 3D Printing is believed to replace traditional production processes. Additive manufacturing provides the means of creating complex aircraft elements as a whole, without the need to produce and assemble numerous small components.


Single-handed creation of precise mockup of designed objects is immensely time-consuming. It is also proving to be impossible due to original form of contemporary architectural conception. The innovation of 3D Printing technology is becoming an indispensable and widely popular part of precise mockup production.


Automotive industry has been striving to substitute commonly used metals with high quality of polymer and composite materials. Three-dimensional prints are characterized by high endurance to being stretched or bent and during shock loading. They are often used as alternatives to elements made of iron, lead or titanium.


The use of 3D Print in design is a great opportunity to turn unusual ideas into real objects. Creative use of additive manufacturing makes the appearance of original and at the same time functional objects more common. Some of which may have never been created if it hadn’t been for the use of 3D Print in prototyping.


The constant pursuit of creativity, living up to the potential and the support of boundless passion for creation are today’s challenges of the education process. The use of modern technologies, primarily 3D Print, in the process of educating children and teenagers, presents vast possibilities to convert the information from the books into actual physical objects that can be touched and examined.


In a mold creation process it is of high importance to use a physical model, which in turn is sprinkled with molding compound, suffused with silicone or clay. Many producers are beginning to substitute the conventional, time-consuming and costly method of creating not a very precise model, with 3D Printing technology.


According to experts, additive manufacturing is one of the techniques that will revolutionize the world of medicine. It is already used to aid the creation of dental implants, bone parts, blood vessels and hip-joints prosthetics.