The 3D Printing
Engineer Guide

What does our user guide contain?

Our guide talks about the most critical issues associated with 3D printing technology - from modelling stage till the final printout.

Model Preparation

How to start an adventure with 3D print technology? Model preparation, fixing its parameters and the correct way of model positioning on a print bed are topics of which the primary and universal knowledge required for efficient work in 3D printing technology consists.

3D Printing

Correct printer preparation, the right selection of support structures and filament, that are only a few elements affecting the optimal printout quality. Which parameters should you be aware of to avoid the most common problems with accurate shape reflection? Additionally, a wide range of available materials allows producing printouts for several purposes - it is worth learning their properties.

Final Processing

You've made a correct project, used the efficient printer but even though your printout doesn't look like you meant to it. What went wrong? Like in many other branches, in this one as well, the experience is an indispensable element. Our specialists share their skills and help to solve and understand the cause of most common 3D printing problems.

Main Subjects

We already used to the view of 3D printers in the design industry. But their range is even more extensive than that. It's hard to come up with a branch without it - Nowadays we can print clothes, cars, houses and even food. 3D print enhances medicine development and even space exploration concepts. So it is a high time to learn more about this technology.

Vol. 1

Five tips on how to print PEEK

Vol. 1

Failed printout - how to prevent it?

Vol. 1

Preparation of the model for 3D Printing -splitting a model in half

Vol. 1

Repair of the STL model

Vol. 2

Model finishing

Vol. 2

Correct export settings of STL files

Vol. 2

SOFTSHAPER - User influence on the Printing time


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