VSHAPER’s answer for the abrasive feature of carbon fiber.

VSHAPER’s answer for the abrasive feature of carbon fiber.

PA-CF stands for polyamide reinforced with carbon fiber. This filament is ideal for anyone that desires a structural component with high modulus, improved chemical and thermal resistance, excellent surface quality, and ease of printing.

The most common issue with 3d print of nylon is it’s warping. But because of its features, it was worth to reinforce it. The carbon fibers were the answer. Excellent dimensional stability comes from the connection of carbon fiber and nylon. But in general, these fibers will accelerate the nozzle-wear of brass nozzles, much faster than unfilled filaments.

VSHAPER has found the solution for the abrasive feature of carbon fiber.

The PA-CF filament doesn’t need a high temperature to be well printed, but it does require a wear-resistant nozzle. The troubles cause carbon fiber, which occurs to be abrasive and easily may harm a regular nozzle.

The range of PA-CF usage is extensive, and that is why VSHAPER came out with its idea to resolve this inconvenience. The regular nozzles type composes of brass, and it is the most often used material, because of its temperature conduction properties. On the other hand, brass is the kind of metal that is easy to damage. When VSHAPER patented its project, it became apparent one can print any synthetic reinforced with carbon fiber without harming any part of a printer. The main idea was to change the material of the nozzle core. VSHAPER chose the concept of steel enclosed with brass – this solution guarantees remaining the temperature conduction properties as well as removing the fear of nozzle damage.

Now we can decide on this polyamide by both small-lot as well as batch type production without fear of causing any unpredictable damage to our machine. Enjoy the benefits of endurance and reinforcement of this filament and make the most of your imagination.