New Service initiated by VSHAPER – Technological Audit.

Technological Audit by VSHAPER, R&D, Traffic maintenance, Small lot production

New Service initiated by VSHAPER – Technological Audit.

Thanks to many meetings and exchanges of experience with our customers and entrepreneurs, who were interested in the 3D technology implementation, we decided to start a new service.  


The audit,­­ carried out by VSHAPER specialists, is targeted to improve organization and production processes. The test begins from the analysis of company’s potential, and the basis of this research are processes of production, starting from the conception stage, through production and quality testing, up to the completion of the final product.

As part of the free service, you will have the option of testing the latest solutions used in 3D printing and gain the answer to the question of how new technologies can support your business. For many companies wanting to grow and remain competitive 3D printing becomes an obvious solution.


Where the emphasis is on research and continuous development, where prototyping is an indispensable step in obtaining the optimal form while maintaining the highest quality is the main priority. By the way, changes are more easily and cheaply made by tweaking a 3D printer’s software than by resetting lots of tools in a factory. Wherever ideas and concepts must smoothly take the form of a model, it is worth considering.   

Traffic maintenance

In all production processes, where maintenance is crucial. Because the time to acquire and implement spare parts, along with detailed quality control of the finished element, translates significantly into profit. Manufacturers can use 3D printing to lower costs and produce products quicker.

Small lot production

The priority of flexible production focused on a personalized product does not constitute a barrier anymore. Because it deposits material only where it is needed, the technology is ideal for low-volume production, such as turning out craft items, or for customising products, such as prosthetics. The 3D print is perfect at making lightweight and complex shapes for high-value products ranging from aircraft to racing cars. Changes in maintenance come down to the modification of a digital model and, production can proceed. The computer database can replace a warehouse.

The technology is constantly evolving, together with the number of industries in which 3D printing is used.

Learn how to make your company grow and remain competitive.