Evolution Triggered by Market Demand – interview with Anton Natseuski

VSHAPER Going Global, 3D Printers for Industry

Evolution Triggered by Market Demand – interview with Anton Natseuski

Through our cooperation with worldwide distributors of VSHAPER solutions we learn about the specificity of markets where those solutions are offered. Companies partnering up with VSHAPER are provided with product training as well as substantive and marketing support in every stage of their distribution process. During a training cycle prepared for Belarusian distributor from 3DHUB, Agnieszka Kielar – Content Manager from VERASHAPE, had a chance to talk to Anton Natseuski about 3D Printing market in Belarus.

Establishing cooperation with VSHAPER brand is not your first step in 3D Printing industry. Can you tell us about your previous experience?

3DHUB – the company that I run is rather experienced in 3D Printing. At the moment we offer desktop 3D Printers. We have customers from different fields of science and industry as well as medical institutes. We would like to expend our offer with industrial 3D Printers.

You’ve already been very successful in selling desktop 3D Printers. Where did the idea for introducing industrial machines come from?
That is what our customers expected from us. They need industrial 3D Printing machines, so we started looking for solutions for them and we came to VSHAPER.

So it was a natural part of your evolution.
Yes, it was my decision some time ago. Now, that is what the market expects from us.

There are quite a lot of 3D Printers producers on the market. Why did you decide to cooperate with a manufacturer from Poland? Why the VSHAPER?
The main reason was the way the company develops their products and evolve. I have spoken to different producers but after speaking to VSHAPER team I knew it would be a good choice and there’s great future ahead of us.

What does the Belarussian market look like – in which sectors of industry does 3D Printing have particular application?
The industry in general isn’t well-developed. However, the field of digital dentistry is and so we have many customers from that sector. That is actually the main field of our activities.

In terms of VSHAPER’s competitive edge? What do you think will single VSHAPER out on the Belarusian market?
I believe VSHAPER PRO 3D Printer and high-temperature materials will be popular in our market and among some of our customers. Nowadays, anyone can print in PLA, but when we are talking about functional printing and composite materials we need industrial machine.

3D Scanners are an important part of your offer. Can you tell me about the most interesting examples of your customers combining 3D Scanning with 3D Printing technology?
There are many interesting cases. We are working on a film, which will be published in the media in Belarus, showcasing the possibilities of 3D Printing and 3D Scanning technology. There are those two ancient cannons in the Nesvizh Castle which we are going to scan and print models as littles copies of those cannons in different sizes. Then our partners are going to cast them in bronze creating a perfect souvenir and perfect promotion for us and the castle as well.

As an experienced supplier of 3D Printers, you are well aware of the importance of proper user training. Did the training conducted by our team inspire you to change your training processes in any way?
Well, your training is appropriate for somebody who already has at least basic knowledge of 3D Printing. The trainings we conduct are different as our customers are usually new at 3D Printing. If they understand everything we need to teach them we move on, if not, we teach them in steps, we let them practice in their companies, even make mistakes and then come back and learn from those mistakes and hence become well-experienced users.

What are your plans for the future? How is your company going to promote the VSHAPER brand in Belarus?
We are participating in almost every exhibition in Belarus showcasing the 3D Printers we offer. A lot of our existing customers are already interested in the industrial machines we are going to offer. I believe VSHAPER will be a popular addition to our desktop 3D Printers.