Automotive Industry Invests in 3D Printing – interview with Selçuk Yildirim

Automotive Industry Invests in 3D Printing – interview with Selçuk Yildirim

Cooperating with worldwide distributors of VSHAPER solutions, we have a chance to learn about the specificity of markets where those solutions are offered. Companies partnering up with VSHAPER are provided with product training as well as substantive and marketing support in every stage of their distribution process. During training prepared for Turkish distributor from Mayıs Tasarım, Agnieszka Kielar had a chance to talk to Selçuk Yildirim about 3D Printing market in Turkey.

Hello Selciuk we are meeting today in a special economic zone, where the VSHAPER production line is based. I know Turkey also has well-organized economic zones located near large cities and industrial hubs. In what way is the development of companies which run their businesses in the economic zones in Turkey supported?

Before we go ahead with the interview, I’d like to tell you a few sentences about our company. We are an Instanbul based company, established in 2013. From our Instanbul office we sell printers, scanners, and various products as well as provide service support to customers all over Turkey. In the future we are going to expand and open new branches in Turkey to be even closer to our customers.

The World Investment Report 2017 prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) shows that within the last 15 years Turkey recorded growth in direct investment of international companies, which made Turkey last year’s most active country seeking foreign investors. Apart from those well-organized economic zones what attracts foreign investors to Turkey?

I’d like to mention that Turkey has a population of approx. 80 mln. Most of that population is made up of young people who are continuously evolving and following new, innovative technologies. For quite some time now, this has been one of the main reasons for international companies to invest in our country. And I honestly believe this trend will continue well in the future. Turkey is also very attractive for foreign investors in terms of transportation, which is a real advantage. Many international investors develop new technologies here in Turkey and present them to the rest of the world.

Some major concerns like Toyota, Ford, Renault or Hyundai as well as the producers of automotive parts and technologies like Bosch, Valeo or Delphi have their production plants in Turkey. Your country is considered one of the largest car producers in the world. Do you think the automotive industry is the one that is most likely to implement 3D Printing technology?

I should point out that 3D Printers have been used in Turkey for 20 years. It is not a new technology for Turkey, but one that is continuously developing. Many companies from automotive as well as supply sector, who work for large-scale companies, invest in 3D Printing technology when developing new products. 3D Printing functional prototypes is very popular in our country as it allows to save time and provide a design before production. I believe that in years to come the majority of production companies will invest in 3D Printing.

In what other sectors of Turkish industry is 3D Printing also used?

One of the first industries that started using 3D Printing technology is jewellery sector. A lot of jewellery companies create their products using 3D Printers. Medical industry, plastic tool producers, glass tool producers, and so many other sectors benefit from using 3D Printing technology when developing their products. My estimation is about 20 different industries.

What are the expectations of the representatives of Turkish industry towards 3D Printers? What do the customers require?

Customers expect good value for money and highest quality maintained. It is important for them to get quick service and support from the producer. As Mayıs Tasarım, we think that we will contribute to this industry, from the very first day of our establishment, by aiming to provide our customers with services of high quality, speed and solutions based on thorough problem identification.

I am sure you had the chance to test many 3D Printing devices when searching for the best solution. What made you choose the VSHAPER?

We began our search by contacting producers we met during various exhibitions or via the Internet. Unfortunately, most of those companies did not develop themselves or were at an early stage of their development. When we found VERASHAPE, we discovered that this company is continuously renewing itself to give their customers the ability to use their technologies more easily. I believe this will give us and the VSHAPER brand a great competitive edge on the market.

What do you think about the support from the producer as well as the substantive training you are taking part in? Is there anything you appreciate in particular?

I had a chance to meet many 3D Printers producers and what I can honestly say about VERASHAPE is that it is a well-organized company. VERASHAPE is continuously renewing itself and striving to adapt itself to new technologies. They are developing a 5-axis FDM printer, that even I have never heard of before. I had the chance to experience this in here during my training. Truly amazing new technology is approaching, we feel lucky that we will work with VSHAPER.

What are your plans for the future? How will you promote VSHAPER brand in Turkey?

We will start by reaching out to our existing customers. We will present VSHAPER solutions to them and let them try out our printers with their own parts. We are also going to promote VSHAPER brand at various exhibitions and conferences and work together to build a strong position of the brand on the Turkish market.