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How to ensure dimensional accuracy of FDM 3D printed PEEK parts?

While FDM 3D printing, complications may occur when processing large-size elements, such as the two-piece 40 cm model shown in the photo above, which, in addition to restrictive dimensional parameters, required the clearance along the entire element to be maintained while maintaining high strength parameters.
Dimensional accuracy depends not only on the technology in which we produce a given 3D print but also on materials out of which we build our element. Polymer’s technical parameters define the mechanical features of the given printout. We can’t forget about the importance of additional parameters, such as printer calibration, the type of used filament, and finally, the ambient temperature conditions.

Regarding heat and chemical resistance, the PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) polymer, as one of […]

VSHAPER industrial 3D printers available on the german market.

VSHAPER establishes cooperation with ID: Factory Solutions GmbH.

The Polish manufacturer of industrial 3D printers – VSHAPER, present on the domestic and foreign markets, continually expands the group of business partners. The culture of development that characterizes the company, based on investments in innovative solutions, is recognized and allows to build an internationally recognized brand. VSHAPER has just started cooperation with the German company ID: Factory Solutions GmbH.
Thanks to the signed cooperation agreement, the new distributor will offer VSHAPER solutions to the German-speaking market, including the largest of them – the German one. Germany’s economy, the largest in Europe and the fourth in the world (after the USA, China and Japan), is one of the most important markets in Europe for the 3D printing industry.

ID: Factory Solutions […]

Precise printing of 3d model - new kettle prototype printed on VSHAPER machine case study.

VSHAPER meets high accuracy standards assuring the precise prototype dimensions.

A new prototype for the INVEST company was produced in cooperation with VSHAPER.
VSHAPER solutions guarantee precise printing of individual elements that together form a functional mechanism. The precise 3d printout with given parameters requires mastered wisdom about FDM technology key aspects. Innovative VSHAPER solutions guarantee efficient control of settings of printing conditions and investigation of printed filament dynamics. The ability of precise 3d printing of individual elements of different sizes and complexity, forming a functional mechanism, was a key factor for the INVEST company.

The perfect match of 3d printed parts.

The 3d printing in FDM technology allows the creation of complex shapes with a degree of design freedom, which is unavailable with traditional manufacturing methods. Thanks to its smooth production implementation, it gives […]

Easy to print, soluble - FS11 - can be used when printing with PEEK, PA, PC, ABS / PC, TPE, ASA, ABS or PET.

Soluble support material for PEEK – Why it matters.

Demographic changes and industry development generate increased demand and material consumption as well as the need to automate production. In this field, modern polymers – such as PEEK, support optimization, and in some cases replace the materials used so far.
The improvement in the use of plastics in the industry, which we can observe, increases the requirements for the measurement correctness and quality management. Valued in industrial applications – PEEK – is an excellent example of the benefits of innovation in the field of polymers, on the other hand, it is also an excellent example to illustrate the technological requirements that one must meet to make production reasonable.
PEEK, a high-performance, temperature-resistant semi-crystalline polymer is often used as a replacement for metals in […]

Softshaper-New release


SOFTSHAPER – the professional software tailored to the needs of industrial printing machines in FDM technology, also compatible with low-budget 3D printers, has just presented the latest release of its essential functions.
As the creators assure, it is worth to consider exchanging the existing software to a software well suited to high technological and material requirements in thermoplastic printing technology.
Grouping layers.
SOFTSHAPER was one of the first to offer an Innovative Layer Modification Solution – Individual modification of individual or groups of layers to assign a separate print technology.

Example of grouping layers for a set of models.

Infill modification.

Automatic selection of groups due to the size of the geometry.

Most applications that control the printing process modify the infill parameters, supports or contours […]

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, for security reasons, we decided to postpone the premiere of 5ax.

The premiere of 5AX has been postponed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for security reasons, we decided to postpone the premiere of 5AX. The exact date will be announced soon.
The current situation in the country and the world makes us all aware of the responsibility we bear for the safety of ourselves and other people.

Alarming information and restrictions introduced to limit the spread of the pandemic prompted our company to decide to postpone the release of the newest five-axis 3D printer – 5AX – planned for May 26 – to the nearest safe date. Given the high interest in the solutions offered by our company, all information and current dates of events will be available on our website and our social media channels.

We hope that soon […]

Vshaper against Covid19

VSHAPER against Covid19

The epidemic situation in the country and the world does not leave anyone indifferent.
The crisis that we start to slowly encounter increases the feeling of uncertainty and concern for our loved ones. On the other hand, we notice many manifestations of selfless support and willingness to help, which allows us to look into the future with optimism.

Today, as perhaps never before, we understand the need for rapid production on-demand – manufacturing adjusted to current demand, production of spare parts on-site, due to lack of supply or long waiting time. The subjects of 3d printed personal and medical protective equipment, prototypes of respirators and other replaceable parts of the medical apparatus, occupy a large part of current media information.
3d printing […]

How does moisture affect 3D printing fiber?

All filaments for 3D printing FDM / FFF are hygroscopic, i.e., they absorb moisture from the environment in which they are located.
Hygroscopicity is an undesirable effect in filaments for 3D printing. Plastic polymers consist of chains of molecules joined together. The absorbed water molecules destroy these chains, destroying the plastic and causing many problems when printing.

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Don’t worry, the “wet” filament spools can be quickly dried, and proper storage can prevent future accidents.
Below, we look at how to recognize a wet filament, how to dry it, and finally how to store it correctly.

Dried filament Moist filament
Comparison of dry and wet filament print
How to recognize a wet filament?
The easiest way is to extrude some filament and watch it come out […]

VSHAPER PRO printhead assembly.

The VSHAPER printhead mounting system with neodymium magnets guarantees a quick replacement and secure fixing.

Easy assembly/disassembly;
Stable, secure mounting of the printhead;
Easy positioning of the printhead during assembly;
Smooth and quick transition from high-temperature to low-temperature printing;
Time-saving when installing/removing the printhead;
Reduction of user interference;
Smooth transition of work with different nozzle diameters.

Efficient and quick replacement of the head in the VSHAPER PRO printer is possible thanks to the use of a new head mounting system using neodymium magnets. This solution guarantees the achievement of both a secure print module attachment and an easy replacement.

The use of a new printing module assembly solution shortens the time for replacing the extruder and reduces the user’s interference, thus […]

World premiere of VSHAPER 5AX - the 5-axis 3d printer

VSHAPER 5AX Machine exceeds the limitations of 3d printing technology.

We move the needle forward with VSHAPER 5AX Machine.
As a manufacturer of machines that print in the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology, dedicated to the industrial and production sectors, VSHAPER well understands the directions of 3D printing technology development. Together with the preparations for the May world premiere of the latest innovation – 5AX – a 3d printing and machining machine that operates in 5 axes – VSHAPER opens an entirely new space for engineering applications for printing thermoplastic materials.

A lot has already been written about the advantages of manufacturing in 3d printing technology. About the flexibility of production, it provides as well as about the possibilities that it gives to designers, inventors, and engineers […]