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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, for security reasons, we decided to postpone the premiere of 5ax.

The premiere of 5AX has been postponed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for security reasons, we decided to postpone the premiere of 5AX. The exact date will be announced soon.
The current situation in the country and the world makes us all aware of the responsibility we bear for the safety of ourselves and other people.

Alarming information and restrictions introduced to limit the spread of the pandemic prompted our company to decide to postpone the release of the newest five-axis 3D printer – 5AX – planned for May 26 – to the nearest safe date. Given the high interest in the solutions offered by our company, all information and current dates of events will be available on our website and our social media channels.

We hope that soon […]

Vshaper against Covid19

VSHAPER against Covid19

The epidemic situation in the country and the world does not leave anyone indifferent.
The crisis that we start to slowly encounter increases the feeling of uncertainty and concern for our loved ones. On the other hand, we notice many manifestations of selfless support and willingness to help, which allows us to look into the future with optimism.

Today, as perhaps never before, we understand the need for rapid production on-demand – manufacturing adjusted to current demand, production of spare parts on-site, due to lack of supply or long waiting time. The subjects of 3d printed personal and medical protective equipment, prototypes of respirators and other replaceable parts of the medical apparatus, occupy a large part of current media information.
3d printing […]

How does moisture affect 3D printing fiber?

All filaments for 3D printing FDM / FFF are hygroscopic, i.e., they absorb moisture from the environment in which they are located.
Hygroscopicity is an undesirable effect in filaments for 3D printing. Plastic polymers consist of chains of molecules joined together. The absorbed water molecules destroy these chains, destroying the plastic and causing many problems when printing.

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Don’t worry, the “wet” filament spools can be quickly dried, and proper storage can prevent future accidents.
Below, we look at how to recognize a wet filament, how to dry it, and finally how to store it correctly.

Dried filament Moist filament
Comparison of dry and wet filament print
How to recognize a wet filament?
The easiest way is to extrude some filament and watch it come out […]

VSHAPER PRO printhead assembly.

The VSHAPER printhead mounting system with neodymium magnets guarantees a quick replacement and secure fixing.

Easy assembly/disassembly;
Stable, secure mounting of the printhead;
Easy positioning of the printhead during assembly;
Smooth and quick transition from high-temperature to low-temperature printing;
Time-saving when installing/removing the printhead;
Reduction of user interference;
Smooth transition of work with different nozzle diameters.

Efficient and quick replacement of the head in the VSHAPER PRO printer is possible thanks to the use of a new head mounting system using neodymium magnets. This solution guarantees the achievement of both a secure print module attachment and an easy replacement.

The use of a new printing module assembly solution shortens the time for replacing the extruder and reduces the user’s interference, thus […]

World premiere of VSHAPER 5AX - the 5-axis 3d printer

VSHAPER 5AX Machine exceeds the limitations of 3d printing technology.

We move the needle forward with VSHAPER 5AX Machine.
As a manufacturer of machines that print in the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology, dedicated to the industrial and production sectors, VSHAPER well understands the directions of 3D printing technology development. Together with the preparations for the May world premiere of the latest innovation – 5AX – a 3d printing and machining machine that operates in 5 axes – VSHAPER opens an entirely new space for engineering applications for printing thermoplastic materials.

A lot has already been written about the advantages of manufacturing in 3d printing technology. About the flexibility of production, it provides as well as about the possibilities that it gives to designers, inventors, and engineers […]

Vshaper's Product Manager predictions for FDM Industry for 2020.

FDM Industry Predictions for 2020

The 3D printer trade expands every year. Possibilities, which deliver the additive print technology with thermoplastic materials shaped for industry, astonish. The business is in continual development, and the need for the next innovations is increasing. The main idea of spreading the material layer by layer until the right shape is built may appear simple. While thinking of prototyping applications, it sure is, and there are no difficulties in this these days. The 3D print has entered into the high-end tools processes as a support for production lines, maintenance, and service, and more and more often as an alternative to injection molding or cutting processes – for smaller series. If we want to predict directions of development of 3d […]

VSHAPER’s answer for the abrasive feature of carbon fiber.

PA-CF stands for polyamide reinforced with carbon fiber. This filament is ideal for anyone that desires a structural component with high modulus, improved chemical and thermal resistance, excellent surface quality, and ease of printing.
The most common issue with 3d print of nylon is it’s warping. But because of its features, it was worth to reinforce it. The carbon fibers were the answer. Excellent dimensional stability comes from the connection of carbon fiber and nylon. But in general, these fibers will accelerate the nozzle-wear of brass nozzles, much faster than unfilled filaments.

The PA-CF filament doesn’t need a high temperature to be well printed, but it does require a wear-resistant nozzle. The troubles cause carbon fiber, which occurs to be abrasive […]

The Subcarpathian Economic Award statuette 2019 in the Innovations cathegory went to VSHAPER.

2019 Subcarpathian Economic Award Gala.

This year’s SUBCARPATHIAN ECONOMIC AWARD statuette, in the Innovations category, went to VSHAPER team. The more meaningful it is because we were the only company awarded in this category. The VSHAPER’s CEO, Tomasz Szymański, received this special statuette on behalf of the whole company.
The honorary patronage of this year’s 18th edition held the Marshal of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (current Ministry of Development ). The Gala was the culmination of the first edition of Subcarpatian Economic Congress. The award ceremony took place in the Congress and Exhibition Centre G2A Arena in Jasionka near Rzeszów.

Within this year’s contest edition of “Subcarpatian Economic Award” over 155 companies attended, which fought for honours among few […]

Vshaper promotes 5AX - The VSHAPER 5-axis 3D Printer on Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit in Toulouse, France

Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit

From 3rd till 4th December on we are present at the Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit located in Toulouse, France. The conference is called the first in Europe additive manufacturing event dedicated to the aerospace industry. The summit program gives an overview of the importance of Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace and is as well an excellent opportunity to learn about the developing trends in the sector.
During the first day, the event will pay special attention to the additive manufacturing in the aerospace and defence sectors and will divide into panel parts, which are devoted to such topics as:

Additive Manufacturing Introduction in the future aerospace programmes: what is the vision of the leading European OEMs?
What will Tier 1 equipment […]

Vshaper supports Fakro development

3D print technology supports Fakro development.

The Fakro company which is present on polish and global markets, the worldwide leader in skylights and attic stairs production, joins to the list of VSHAPER  users – the producer of industrial 3D printers.

In 2019 Fakro’s Development and Research department engineers decided to enrich their machinery park with a new industrial 3D printer. Once test prints have been analysed, and all offers have been compared, they agreed on the VSHAPER 500 machine. Print parameters that enriched VSHAPER, as well as quality-price balance,  turned out to be fundamental values. Moreover, Facro specialists appreciate the equipment of VSHAPER 500.

Actively heated chamber and, the print bed;
Exchangeable V-JET heads with a patented nozzle with increased service life.
Vacuated system for build […]