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Case Study

Rapid Prototyping in “Pracownia do Rzeczy”

The use of 3D Print creates vast possibilities to turn unusual ideas into actual physical objects. The imaginative use of three-dimensional prints has made the appearance of original as well as useful objects more frequent recently. Some of which may have never been created if it hadn’t been for the use of 3D Print in prototyping. “Pracownia do Rzeczy” has become increasingly fond and appreciative of the profits 3D Printers bring into the world of industrial design.

“Pracownia do Rzeczy” was set up by Krzysztof Rychławski. In his work he designs useful objects beginning with definition and analysis of presumptions, working through the concept and finally creating prototypes or supervising the creation process. Its domain is 3D Modeling, object visualization, working on the concept of product’s stylistics and the look of the end products. For some time now, the conception works in the company have been supported by VSHAPER 3D Printers.

The power of prototyping
Printing prototypes presented to customers in ABS or PLA is an inherent part of work done by “Pracownia do Rzeczy”. The ability to check the functionality, proportion and ergonomic based on the prototype created with the use of 3D printers shortens the realization time and reduces the number of amendments significantly.

After using the printer for the first time we’ve been able to spot things impossible to discern in the draft or conception model. It gives us the exact view of what needs to be changed. Rapid prototyping gives us the ability to juxtapose reality with computer generated conception – explains Krzysztof Rychławski, the designer and owner of “Pracownia do Rzeczy”.

The printers created by Verashape are used in the creation process of visual prototypes, which enables the customers of “Pracownia do Rzeczy” to evaluate the visual features of the introduced conception. This idea of presenting the objects by far transcends the standard computer generated visual presentation. It is an irreplaceable form of communication with customers. They provide basis for feedback as well as presenting new ideas and conducting discussions concerning the course of future design works.

Efficient and effective
When searching for 3D Printers for the new design office, “Pracownia do Rzeczy” sought device featuring large working space, closed chamber and affordable price.

The VSHAPER Printer we went for is characterized by silent work, low emission of smells of used materials, high efficiency, carefully considered construction and most importantly, from every designer’s point of view, perfectly created design – admits Krzysztof Rychławski.

“Pracownia do Rzeczy” has already accomplished many interesting designs. The most impressive ones are a transparent print of new model of sample for laboratory examination and a 3D Printed ring with an inscription engraved through its entire surface. The materials used in the printing process have made the accomplished effect possible. They make the process of polishing and varnishing a lot easier – adds Rychławski.

The company plans to enrich their offer with joint design printing on a large scale and printing mobile elements.

We are excited to see how creative “Pracownia do Rzeczy” is in using our printers. They pose a considerable challenge for our appliances allowing us to convince our customers that soon enough the only limit will be their imagination – summarizes Marcin Szymański, Product Manager in Verashape.


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