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Case Study

KCCPD with an Alternative for CNC Machines

The implementation of 3D Printing technology in optimizing production process has been an inspiration for global society for quite a while now. It is right here in Holland, which is known as the European center for the development of 3D Technology, where so many companies promoting innovative approach to production process are based. One of those companies is KCCPD who has just invested in VSHAPER solutions.

KCCPD is a Dutch company specializing in 3D CAD/CAM programming of CNC mills and lathes. The company supports their customers in creating CAD/CAM programs to machine prototypes or small series. Machining these components is rather expensive and programming these parts can be very time-consuming. For these kind of applications 3D printing is a good alternative as it is a lot cheaper, and more complex shapes can be created, which would be impossible to make on a CNC milling center.

The idea to use 3D Printing came to us when a customer needed a cable guiding component. This could have been machined on a CNC machine but it would have required 5-axis CNC milling machine. 3D Printing was quicker and production cost was significantly lower, about 30% – says Gydo Keijzer the owner and founder of KCCPD.

The experience of the owner of KCCPD shows that a large amount of components used by machine builders can be created with a 3D Printer. This leads to significant cost savings as it frees up the expensive CNC machines for other work that really require CNC machining.

Not everything needs to be machined on an expensive CNC machine. Big savings can be gained by 3D printing components or fixtures. It is more than honest to help my customers with a more cost effective and faster way of developing prototypes – adds Gydo Keijzer the owner and founder of KCCPD.

The owner admits that it’s merely the beginning of his adventure with 3D Printing. His goal is to start printing components in a machine using ABS and move on to one that prints with PEEK.

VSHAPER PRO printer, which is known to print with PEEK and heat up to 450°C, is gaining popularity in the Benelux market. the producer of VSHAPER is not resting on its laurels and is already working on a solution that will allow printing large objects in PEEK – informs Honorata Mirańska Verbunt from Vekashape.

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