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Case Study

BGM Produces Machines and Production Lines with 3D Printing Technology

BGM has already created radial riveting machines, flow test stands, or laser markers which are used in many industries. The company designs and creates control and assembly stations, equipped with industrial robots and modern vision control systems. The company also modernizes existing machines and deals with automation of manual and semi-automatic stands as well as the creation of control and test applications.

Many years of experience of our engineers, programmers and automation engineers allow us to create structures that are copies of already existing machines. All we need from the customer is necessary materials. The whole process is carried out comprehensively – from designing, through the construction of the machine, to its assembly – says Tomasz Bobek, the CEO of BGM.

The company manufactures machine parts in their own machine park equipped with conventional as well as CNC machine tools. At the end of 2017, the machine park was enriched with VSHAPER 270 3D Printer. The machine features two heads, which allow printing with 0.2 to even 1.2 mm diameter nozzles.

By investing in 3D Printing technology, we strived to increase the efficiency of our work. The 3D Printer turned out to be a great alternative to expensive, more complex and advanced machines such as CNC milling machines – adds Tomasz Bobek.

BGM uses the VSHAPER 3D Printer in the process of creating parts for machines, especially those with complex details and high strength.

Gaining experience in using VSHAPER 270 we want to use 3D Printing technology more frequently, printing parts in ABS and PET-G in our projects. If there is a situation where we can print a part in ABS instead of steel – why not do it? – says Michał Kaczmarski, Constructor from BGM.

When choosing the right machine, the company based their choice on the dimensions of the workspace (270x270x200) and the ability to print many types of materials, from basic PLA or ABS, to more advanced such as PET-G or PC. They also needed an extruder equipped with two heads, which today allows BGM to create prints with support structure made from a different material. Users of VSHAPER 270 in BGM particularly appreciate how easy to use the control panel is, the simplicity of filament replacement and surprisingly low power consumption.

The purchase of a 3D Printer is not the only investment that BGM has made recently. The company enriched the Production Department with a CNC lathe and laser marking machine aiming at optimizing the costs of manufactured parts and improving their quality.

An innovative company is one that closely observes the environment and can absorb benefits from it. It is one that sets the bar high and is not afraid to reach for new technologies. This approach not only improves the quality of our services, but above all it has an impact on the development of the entire team, hence influencing the cooperation with our customers – summarizes Tomasz Bobek, the CEO of BGM.

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