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3D printing technology supports Fakro development.

The Fakro company which is present on polish and global markets, the worldwide leader in skylights and attic stairs production, joins to the list of VSHAPER  users – the producer of industrial 3D printers.

In 2019 Fakro’s Development and Research department engineers decided to enrich their machinery park with a new industrial 3D printer. Once test prints have been analysed, and all offers have been compared, they agreed on the VSHAPER 500 machine. Print parameters that enriched VSHAPER, as well as quality-price balance,  turned out to be fundamental values. Moreover, Facro specialists appreciate the equipment of VSHAPER 500.

  • Actively heated chamber and, the print bed;
  • Exchangeable V-JET heads with a patented nozzle with increased service life.
  • Vacuated system for build plates setting, which dedicate to individual filaments.

Constructors may efficiently print and assemble all their prototyped elements directly on blind window systems and stairs mechanisms intended to be tested. After passing all endurance tests, perfected the ergonomy and construct feature of detail – the production process is being implemented.

“Because we use 3D printing technology from many years already, that is why we are aware of how much it speeds up the implementation of new solution stages. The model’s reviewing and parameters controlling processes, matching the detail with core window and stairs systems and the company’s design standards may be verified right away.”

Andrzej Cieślak
Constructor / Fakro


The additional impact on Fakro’s decision, of the 3D printer producer choice, made the fact that VSHAPER is a thoroughly polish company. The software written by VSHAPER specialists as well as the construction and integrated systems is the polish based product.

Fakro company owns its Research and Development Institute. Over 100 engineers work there with the aim of product development. Besides windows and stairs, the company exports its solutions and design thoughts of polish engineers. All products, made by Fakro, feature with the best technological constructions, modern design and consistent aesthetic line.

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