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Case Study

3D Printing in Research Work of TUKE and ENBICORE

ENBICORE s.r.o. is a company in close cooperation with Department of Biomedical Engineering and Measurement at Technical University of Košice and was created for the purpose of promoting Additive Manufacturing in many industries especially in the medical and dental sector. The organization has been conducting studies on implants used for treating osteo-neuro-muscular disorders.

We are working on implants made of titanium as well as those created with the use of 3D Printing technology. We are analyzing biomaterials used in orthopedics and neurosurgery and the endurance of implanted medical products – says Marek Schnitzer from the Technical University of Košice.

The use of VSHAPER PRO 3D Printer in analytical work will allow the scientists to conduct studies on the use of PEEK in medical procedures. PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is characterized by low coefficient of friction, very high mechanical strength and UV resistance. The material is processed in temperature exceeding 400 degrees Celsius. The unique features of PEEK make it a perfect alternative for cobalt-chromium, stainless steel or even titanium.

VSHAPER PRO is one of world’s very few PEEK printing devices. The printer heats up to 450°C. The studies conducted with the use of VSHAPER Printer are made possible through the support of a company called Q-System s.r.o. and national project APVV-15-0356.

When choosing a device, we commissioned PEEK printing to many different producers of 3D Printers. The quality of VSHAPER prints was by far the best. One of the decisive factors was also the attitude of the producer towards innovative projects, which bodes well for the future – summarizes Marek Schnitzer.

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