VERASHAPE Granted Polish Intelligent Development Award

VERASHAPE Granted Polish Intelligent Development Award

During solemn gala crowning the first day of the Forum of Intelligent Development, held at the G2A Arena in Rzeszów- Jasionka, Polish Awards for Intelligent Development were presented. These prestigious awards express the appreciation for local governments, universities and enterprises, which, through their innovative investments and solutions, are an important part of sustainable economic development of Poland. The award for the implementation of innovative technological projects was granted to VERASHAPE company represented by Tomasz Szymański, its CEO.

Distinctions within the “Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017” were presented in six categories: scientific units, universities, local governments, innovative companies, state budget units and foundations. The selection of winners was based on the investments made by a given entity using EU funds, national funds and company’s resources. Consideration was also given to the care of the sphere of research and development and the impact on the development of the region and the local community.

VERASHAPE was awarded in “Innovative Company” category for the project “Globally innovative additive printer”, implemented with the support of the National Research and Development Center.

The award from the Intelligent Development Center is a recognition for the entire R&D team working on the development of our innovative additive printer. I am convinced that the results of their works will change the face of modern industry – says Tomasz Szymański, CEO of VERASHAPE.

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