Prof. R. Leniowski Represents VERASHAPE During “Medical Robots 2017”

Prof. R. Leniowski Represents VERASHAPE During “Medical Robots 2017”

On December 8th-9th, 2017, XV Conference on Medical Robots will be held in Zabrze. The conference is organized by the International Society for Medical Robotics and Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. Prof. Ryszard Leniowski, R&D Software Manager from VERASHAPE will be one of the experts at the event.

Originally the conference organized in Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development was inspired by the group of scientists and constructors of Polish surgical robot called Robin Heart. The project launched in 2000 included open conferences assessing the progress of works and gave the directions for numerous practical applications. Robin Heart project greatly contributed to the revival of medical robotics in Poland.

The conference gathers experts from many fields – ranging from medicine, psychology and sociology, specialists of industrial designs and constructors to users interested in robotics. The subject of the annual meeting is robotized equipment used in medicine.

During the International “Medical Robots 2017” conference, the progress of surgery robot Robin Heart project development will be demonstrated. During the conference there will be a special contest for young scientists, the winners will get the “Statue of Robin” Jury award and the audience award “Arrows of Robin”. The contest will have an international character. It is intended for students and young scientists, but for young people fascinated by robotics, not connected with any academic society are also welcome.

During the event, a lecture entitled “3D and 5D Printers in medicine” will be given by Prof. Ryszard Leniowski, R&D Software Manager from VERASHAPE. Professor Leniowski will present the potential of 3D Printing technology in medical use. He will also explain how to use 3D and 5D Printers to create three-dimensional models in one technological cycle and focus on the importance of using the appropriate software in the process.

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