Case Studies

3D Printed Parts for 5-axis Milling Machine

A-T Products is a company based in Staphorst the Netherlands specializing in knife grinding, turning, milling and laser cutting. Until recently, the owner of the company perceived 3D Printing as just another technological novelty. Today he can honestly say that without additive manufacturing he would not have been able to revive his old Rexroth marking machine and create his very own 5-axis milling machine.

Albert Tmmerman has retrofitted an old machine to fit the needs of his company. Different CNC controller and servo engines are a few of the modifications which were made. However, there was still something else to be done.

When Albert Timmerman came to Vekashape looking for help, the only thing keeping the machine from operating smoothly was […]

KCCPD with an Alternative for CNC Machines

The implementation of 3D Printing technology in optimizing production process has been an inspiration for global society for quite a while now. It is right here in Holland, which is known as the European center for the development of 3D Technology, where so many companies promoting innovative approach to production process are based. One of those companies is KCCPD who has just invested in VSHAPER solutions.

KCCPD is a Dutch company specializing in 3D CAD/CAM programming of CNC mills and lathes. The company supports their customers in creating CAD/CAM programs to machine prototypes or small series. Machining these components is rather expensive and programming these parts can be very time-consuming. For these kind of applications 3D printing is a […]

BORG Automotive is 3D Printing Components

Until recently 3D Printing technology has been perceived as a technological novelty. Nowadays not only is it presented in world’s biggest trade fairs but it also became an integral part of machinery park of many manufacturing plants. BORG Automotive has recently become one of the companies implementing additive manufacturing as component production process.

BORG Automotive is a European group of thriving enterprises working in the automotive industry. It is headquartered in Denmark and has a production plant and distribution center in Poland. The company are specialists in sales, production and distribution in the auto aftermarket. The company’s domain is remanufacturing alternators, starters, A/C compressors, brake calipers to all popular car makes, as well as agricultural and construction machines.

Constant commitment to […]

Rapid Prototyping in “Pracownia do Rzeczy”

The use of 3D Print creates vast possibilities to turn unusual ideas into actual physical objects. The imaginative use of three-dimensional prints has made the appearance of original as well as useful objects more frequent recently. Some of which may have never been created if it hadn’t been for the use of 3D Print in prototyping. “Pracownia do Rzeczy” has become increasingly fond and appreciative of the profits 3D Printers bring into the world of industrial design.

“Pracownia do Rzeczy” was set up by Krzysztof Rychławski. In his work he designs useful objects beginning with definition and analysis of presumptions, working through the concept and finally creating prototypes or supervising the creation process. Its domain is 3D Modeling, object visualization, […]