”That is How the Inventions that Shape our World Appear” – Tomasz Szymański in an Interview for 3D Adept

Tomasz Szymański has been managing a group of companies offering solutions that aid production processes, with a special focus on CAD and CAM software. Production of industrial 3D printing solutions as well as implementing them is a very important part of the company’s activities.

VERASHAPE is recognized as one of the leading Polish 3D printers’ producer popularizing the brand of VSHAPER industrial 3D printers around the globe. The solutions offered by the company are already available, among others on the Dutch, Czech, British, Turkish and Chinese markets. At Formnext (Germany), the company unveiled for the first time, the effects of its work on globally innovative additive printer which is being developed by its R&D team with the support of National […]

Top 5 Conclusions from 3D Hubs 3D Printing Trends Q1/2018

3D Hubs is world’s biggest platform bringing together suppliers and recipients of 3D Printing services operating in over 140 countries. Its creators publish a 3D Hubs 3D Printing Trends report on a quarterly basis, prepared based on data from 6000 active international service providers, creating quarterly over 200,000 3D Printed parts. Below we present the 5 most important conclusions drawn from the last report.

USA still in the lead
Until recently, 3D Printing was perceived as a technological novelty. Nowadays, it is the fastest growing manufacturing technology. Enterprises around the world are investing in 3D Printing technology, perceiving it as a way to increase their competitiveness and innovation. Demand for additive technologies is growing year by year, hence making 3D solutions […]

SOLIDWORKS Supports VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine Production

VERASHAPE has been cooperating with world-renowned enterprises for many years, supporting their production processes. VSHAPER 3D Printing solutions support customers from different branches of industry in rapid prototyping and small-lot production processes, facing the challenges of contemporary industry. VERASHAPE is currently working on “Globally innovative additive printer” with the financial support from The National Centre for Research and Development. The company is also supported by SOLIDWORKS software.

VERASHAPE has chosen to work on their projects in virtual environment with the support of SOLIDWORKS solutions which help constructors on every stage of 3D model preparation. This attitude helps to standardize the way the documentation is prepared. Moreover, the virtual model creates a base for all other processes connected with the production […]

3D Printing in Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Additive technologies are among the most dynamically developing ones in the world. No wonder their use can bring very specific benefits to the companies that use them. “Inżynieria & Utrzymania Ruchu” magazine presents the possibilities of these technologies and the areas of their application, with particular emphasis on maintenance. On this occasion, an interview with Konrad Kowalski – Technical Department Manager at VERASHAPE, was conducted by Anna Witkowska from Trade Media International.

How can 3D Printers be used in maintenance department?
Many of our customers use 3D Printers for the production of unusual spare parts, especially when they are no longer available, the cost of purchasing is too high, or the lead time for parts used in the production line is […]

TOP 5: Most Important Events of 2017 in VSHAPER

The year 2017 was marked by innovation, cooperation and development. New products presented during prestigious international fairs, new partners in the distribution network and new customers using VERASHAPE solutions in production processes are just a general summary of our last year’s activities. Underneath, we present 5 most important events of 2017 in VSHAPER, which not only influenced the development of our company, but were also of great importance to the entire field of 3D Printing.

1. SOFTSHAPER for every 3D Printer

At the beginning of last year, we announced that we had signed a license agreement with Siemens PLM Software, thus becoming one of the world’s first 3D Printers manufacturers, to create software based on Parasolid Communicator to support the import […]

Automotive Industry Invests in 3D Printing – interview with Selçuk Yildirim

Cooperating with worldwide distributors of VSHAPER solutions, we have a chance to learn about the specificity of markets where those solutions are offered. Companies partnering up with VSHAPER are provided with product training as well as substantive and marketing support in every stage of their distribution process. During training prepared for Turkish distributor from Mayıs Tasarım, Agnieszka Kielar had a chance to talk to Selçuk Yildirim about 3D Printing market in Turkey.

Hello Selciuk we are meeting today in a special economic zone, where the VSHAPER production line is based. I know Turkey also has well-organized economic zones located near large cities and industrial hubs. In what way is the development of companies which run their businesses in the economic […]

How to Design Functional Models for FFF Technology?

Additive technologies enable us to create functional elements in relatively short time, which can complement, for instance, production lines. The undoubted advantage of this approach is the ability to create the model in one production process (in one operation), which significantly reduces the production costs and speeds up the process of its implementation.

The right choice of material
A wide range of available materials allows the exact match of the material to the working conditions of the component made. For example, ABS will be perfect for creating static structural elements, not exposed to high vibrations of the entire system. Elements made of ASA can be used outdoors because they are resistant to weather conditions (UV radiation). In conditions with high frequency […]

High Value Added Production is the Future of Asian Industry – interview with Shou Chung

Cooperating with worldwide distributors of VSHAPER solutions, we have a chance to learn about the specificity of markets where those solutions are offered. Companies partnering up with VSHAPER are provided with product training as well as substantive and marketing support in every stage of their distribution process. During the first training cycle prepared for Asian distributor from Tinjin NewTech Corp., Agnieszka Kielar – Content Manager from VERASHAPE, had a chance to talk to Shou Chung about 3D Printing market in Asia.

Hello Shou, this is your first visit in Poland, how do you like it here?
YES, it is my first time in Poland. I find the people here very nice. The Polish food is just great. The scenery is […]

3D Printing as Alternative for Conventional Production Methods

Not long ago, 3D Printing was perceived as a technological novelty. Nowadays, 3D Printers are an integral part of machinery park of many companies and they are used as alternative to conventional production methods.

Until recently, most common industrial application of 3D Printing technology has been Rapid Prototyping of testing parts. Today, additive manufacturing supports small-lot production and fully functional components production. For many producers, 3D Printing has become an essential tool for enhancing the quality of production process, creating and testing new solutions and making assembly more efficient.

Additive technologies are most commonly used in previously mentioned Rapid Prototyping. Implementing 3D Printing technology in prototyping process and using soluble support materials allows the user to create shapes that would be […]

Top 10 Reasons to Choose SOFTSHAPER

1. Layers grouping
Layers grouping in SOFTSHAPER allows the user to define model areas by selecting layers that can be modified. Groups created by the user can be modified and their scope can be changed. The user can automatically detect and determine areas based on predefined parameters for each model individually as well as for selected group of models. This approach accelerates the process of creating model technology through automatic or manual area definition and assigning the right properties by changing 3D Printing technology.

2. Printing few models with different parameters in one process
SOFTSHAPER, by combining the process tree mechanisms and parametrization of the support and contour infill, allows the user to freely control the structure of the model. Most […]