High Value Added Production is the Future of Asian Industry – interview with Shou Chung

High Value Added Production is the Future of Asian Industry – interview with Shou Chung

Cooperating with worldwide distributors of VSHAPER solutions, we have a chance to learn about the specificity of markets where those solutions are offered. Companies partnering up with VSHAPER are provided with product training as well as substantive and marketing support in every stage of their distribution process. During the first training cycle prepared for Asian distributor from Tinjin NewTech Corp., Agnieszka Kielar – Content Manager from VERASHAPE, had a chance to talk to Shou Chung about 3D Printing market in Asia.

Hello Shou, this is your first visit in Poland, how do you like it here?
YES, it is my first time in Poland. I find the people here very nice. The Polish food is just great. The scenery is very beautiful. What surprises me, is that the consumer price is quite reasonable compared with other countries in Europe.

You’ve spent a lot of time with our experts, observing their work and learning about the technologies they use. What do you think about the level of technological advancement – what made the biggest impression on you?
I have been here for 1 week to attend the training with the experts in each function. I always want to say that “Seeing is believing”. The 3D Printing technology VERASHAPE used to make VSHAPER PRO, a really advanced 3D Printer which can totally satisfy the needs of each industrial application, is very impressive. Now, you may worry that it could be difficult to control and use. No! you can simply start your printing job through just few steps. That impressed me very much.

How would you describe Asian market in terms of 3D Printing? In which sectors is 3D Printing mostly used?
3D printing is highly valued by the governments and companies here. Just like the slogan of industry 4.0 in Europe, we have also our own slogan. Nowadays, many companies in Asia start to think about CHANGE from the traditional mass production to the industry with high added value. And the 3D Printing could play a very important role to help them, especially on the R&D stage.

What limitations does the market face?
We have labor cost increasing issue. We have technicians shortage problem. We have population aging problem. We also have industry move out problem.

In what ways can 3D Printing help? What are the expectations of that market?
With 3D Printing, we can use machines to replace part of labor. Companies could save their budget on R&D stage, more possibility on product design and shorten the Lead time of new product launch.

There are many 3D Printers producers in Asian market, why did you decide to cooperate with a Polish producer? Why the VSHAPER?
When clients choose a 3D Printer, they will ask some questions, so do I. The 1st question is about the 3D Printing quality (strength, precision) the 2nd question is about the speed. The 3rd one is Barriers to entry, I mean is it difficult to use, is it easy to control. The last one is the cost, it is also the most important one, I mean, do we need to invest a lot of money to buy a 3D Printer. It is not easy to find a perfect product but I believe VSHAPER PRO holds the best balance position.

What would you say is the competitive edge of VSHAPER? What makes it stand out in Asian market?
VERASHAPE keeps developing highly advanced 3D Printers. They produce the major parts and software on their own, not just assemble the printer. This assures the best quality of the machine and after-sale service.

What do you think about the support from the producer? Is there anything you appreciate in particular?
VERASHAPE has experienced and strong technical support team which can quickly solve any issue you may face. The customer doesn’t need to worry if they are new to 3D Printing because they could be your reliable backup.

We know you’ve already been successful in your VSAHPER sales – what were the customers looking for when deciding on the VSHAPER?
Yes, I had successfully sold the PRO machine to a customer in China. And still many potential customers in Taiwan and Japan are interested in buying a VSHAPER printer. I think their requirements are very similar and clear: they need a professional 3D Printer which can print in high grade materials like PEEK or PEI.

Can you tell me about your plans for the future?
I will be quite busy in September, we are going to have two 3D Printing shows in Taiwan. The first one is in early September, we are going to demonstrate VSHAPER printer in Taipei. The second one is in the middle of September, we are going to showcase the VSHAPER PRO in the south of Taiwan. Right now, we start from Taiwan and we are going to expand our business to other countries in Asia, to China or even Japan.

We wish you further success. Thank you for your time.
You’re welcome. Thank you.

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