A Trend That Will Change the Face of Industry

A Trend That Will Change the Face of Industry

A great deal of production companies is often reluctant to invest in controversial, yet interesting designs of new products. The process of production launch and promotion alone is extremely costly and time-consuming. To make sure it will be successful, production companies perform short series and conduct marketing research.

The use of rapid prototyping technologies is more frequent at this stage and 3D Print is becoming more and more important. With the use of 3D Printers it is possible to create any number of new products without the need of launching a production process. Having product prototypes with feature similar to those of the end product at our disposal we can, at a very low cost, conduct market research, rule out possible errors and decide to launch the production. Materials currently used in 3D Printing are titanium, polymer, silicone, metal, nylon or modifiable resin. The scientists’ aim is to make printing in all material types possible – plastic, metal, ceramic – which will definitely change the face of industry both in Poland and worldwide.

The most interesting trends are: 3D Scanning, saving items in the form of point clouds and processing into 3D Model, monitoring the tool use at each level of technological process realization, measuring components processed in CNC machine during the technological process, CNC programming: NC processing program including milling with the use of industrial robots.

Przemysław Kochan
Edgecam Product Manager

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